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HSC Leu 06 Braunschweig
Full name Heidberger Sportclub Leu 06 Braunschweig
Founded 24 May 1906
Ground Bezirkssportanlage Heidberg
League Bezirksliga Braunschweig Staffel 2 (VII)
2015–16 5th

HSC Leu 06 Braunschweig, commonly known as Leu Braunschweig, is a German association football club based in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony.


The club was founded as BV Wacker Braunschweig in 1906. In 1911, Wacker was merged into MTV Braunschweig, another local sports club. However, both clubs separated again in 1923. Since the name Wacker had in the meantime been taken by another Braunschweig club, the side re-established under the name FC Leu. Leu is Middle High German for "lion",[1] the heraldic animal of Braunschweig.

The club was twice part of top-flight German football early in its history, first in the 1. Spielklasse Bezirk Braunschweig from 1906 until 1911, and then in the Bezirksliga Südhannover/Braunschweig (since 1929 Oberliga Südhannover/Braunschweig) from 1924 until 1933.

Leu was reunited with former partner MTV Braunschweig in 1945, but the union was short-lived as they went their own way again in 1954, this time as SC Leu 06 Braunschweig.[2] In 1979, the club moved into a new ground in the district of Heidberg within Braunschweig. The move was reflected in the addition of the letter "H" to the club's name to represent their new home.

After its reemergence in 1954, and on until 1963, Leu played second division football in the Amateuroberliga Niedersachsen, narrowly missing out on promotion to the Oberliga Nord in 1960, 1961, and 1962. With the foundation of the Bundesliga as the new first level of West Germany's league pyramid in 1963, Leu slipped into third tier play. In 1969, the club was promoted back into the second tier, now the Regionalliga Nord, and stayed there until relegation in 1973.[3] Since then, the team been largely a lower tier side, most recently competing in the Bezirksliga Braunschweig Staffel 2 (VII).

Notable former players[edit]

The list includes former players of Leu Braunschweig who made appearances in professional football before or after playing for the club:

Notable former managers[edit]


The club's honours:


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