Leuce (titular see)

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Leuce was a town and episcopal see in the late Roman province of Thracia.[1]

The town[edit]

The town, which is not mentioned by any ancient historian or geographer, has not been identified with certainty. Suggestions include the villages of Lefke and Capolova in northern Greece.[1][2]

The bishopric[edit]

Leuce had a bishop by at latest 381, when a Bishop Symeon of Leuce took part in the First Council of Constantinople. The Notitiae Episcopatuum of the 10th to the 13th centuries mention it among the suffragans of Philippopolis,[2] the metropolitan see of Thracia, thus ruling out the identification of Leuce with today's Plovdiv in Bulgaria, although this identification has been proposed.[2]

Leuce is now listed in the Annuario Pontificio as a titular see of the Catholic Church.[1]


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