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The Leuci were a Gallic tribe, recorded to have lived in the southern part of what is now Lorraine. They are mentioned by Julius Caesar as a people supplying wheat to the Roman army in 58 BC, along with the Lingones and Sequani.[1]


Map with the location of Belgica shortly before Roman conquest

Strabo in his Geographica describes the Leuci and a part of the Lingones dwelling "above" the Mediomatrici, whose capital was at Metz.[2]

Hillforts in the region of the Leuci include some small ones in the Vosges, and Boviolles in the Ornain valley in the west of the territory. There is also a possible oppidum in Geneviève (Essey). Toul (in Latin Tullum) was the Roman capital "civitas" of the tribe. But Ptolemy listed Naix (Latin Nasium) also as a civitas of the Leuci, and it was probably larger.[3]


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