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In Greek mythology, Leucippe (Ancient Greek: Λευκίππη, "white horse") is the name of the following individuals:

  • Leucippe, one of the Minyades
  • Leucippe, an Oceanid
  • Leucippe, a daughter of Thestor, sister of Calchas and Theonoe. She became a priestess of Apollo and went from country to country in search of her father, Thestorand sister Theonoe who was stolen by pirates.[1]
  • Leucippe, the wife of Ilus and mother of Laomedon.[2]
  • Leucippe, the wife of King Thestius of Pleuron and mother of Iphiclus and Althaea.[3]
  • Leucippe, the wife of Laomedon. According to Apollodorus of Athens, she and Laomedon had five sons, Tithonus, Lampus, Clytius, Hicetaon, and Priam, and three daughters, Hesione, Cilla and Astyoche. Otherwise the wife of Laomedon was identified as Strymo, daughter of Scamander or Placia, daughter of Otreus.[4]
  • Leucippe, the wife of Euenor (mythology) and mother of Cleito in Plato' s legend of Atlantis.
  • Leucippe, mother of Egyptian king, Aegyptus by Hephaestus.[5]
  • Leucippe, mother of Teuthras the Mysian king. Her son killed a sacred boar of Artemis during hunt and was driven mad by the angry goddess. Lysippe then went out in the woods, seeking to find out what had happened to her son. Eventually she learned about the goddess' wrath from the seer Polyidus; she then sacrificed to the goddess to propitiate her, and Teuthras' sanity was restored.[6]
  • Leucippe, the heroine of The Adventures of Leucippe and Cleitophon by Achilles Tatius


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