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In Greek mythology, Leucippe (Ancient Greek: Λευκίππη, "white horse") is the name of the following individuals:

  • Leucippe, one of the Minyades
  • Leucippe, an Oceanid
  • Leucippe, a daughter of Thestor, sister of Calchas and Theonoe
  • Leucippe, the wife of Ilus and mother of Laomedon
  • Leucippe, the wife of Thestius and mother of Iphicles, Prothous, and Cometes
  • Leucippe, the wife of Laomedon
  • Leucippe, the wife of Euenor (mythology) and mother of Cleito in Plato' s legend of Atlantis
  • Leucippe, the heroine of The Adventures of Leucippe and Cleitophon by Achilles Tatius