Leung Jan

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Leung Jan
Leung jan.jpg
Born1826 (1826)
Foshan, Qing Empire
Died1901(1901-00-00) (aged 74–75)
StyleWing Chun
Teacher(s)Leung Yee-tai
Wong Wah-bo
Occupationmarital artist
Notable studentsLeung Bik
Chan Wah-shun

Leung Jan (梁贊, aka Leung Tsan; Mandarin Chinese: Liang Zan) (1826—1901) was a Wing Chun practitioner.


Leung Jan was a Chinese herbal doctor in Foshan. His name became well known due to his wins in competitive bouts. He was called Mr. Jan of Foshan (佛山贊先生).

In popular culture[edit]

Leung Jan, as an already somewhat skilled martial artist, is featured in a student role in Sammo Hung's The Prodigal Son. In this fictional tale of his life, Yuen Biao as Leung Jan, is a young man determined to learn real martial arts after a humiliating defeat by undercover Wing Chun master Leung Yee-tai who is a seemingly harmless man, despite Leung Jan being known as Foshan's "kung fu king". He is also featured in the Hong Kong TV series Real Kung Fu, which aired on TVB in 2005 along with Wing Chun a year later or two in 2006, to 2007, from the 1994 film, Wing Chun.

He is later featured in, another Sammo Hung produced film, Warriors Two, this time taking on the master role as a more disciplined and older man, and now being played by Bryan Leung. Much more skilled and respectful than his younger movie counterpart played by Yuen Biao, he takes up the student Chan Wah-shun, alongside a few other ones he is already training, but is caught up in an elaborate scheme by Foshan's new mayor. The mayor plans to remove all top martial artists from the town, so he may rule with an iron fist. Putting both Cashier Wah (Chan Wah Shun), and Leung Jan himself on the mayor's hitlist.


Lineage (詠春拳承傳)
Leung Jan (梁贊)
Known grand students