Leung Sheung

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Leung Sheung
Born 1918
Canton Province
Died 1978 (aged 59–60)
Hong Kong
Residence Hong Kong Hong Kong
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Weight ~ 200 lb [1]
Style Wing Chun
Teacher(s) Yip Man
Rank Grandmaster
Notable students Kenneth Chung, Leung Ting

Leung Sheung (Chinese: 梁相; 1918 - 1978) was a Chinese martial artist who studied Wing Chun Kung Fu who is known as the senior-most student of Yip Man (葉問) in Hong Kong. Leung Sheung was widely acknowledged for his superior skill and practical application.

Although being credited with being a premier student of Yip Man, Leung Sheung was an extremely humble man. He spoke about his Wing Chun abilities in overly modest terms, preferring to instead elevate Yip Man's martial prowess. However, being one of the few close-door students of Yip Man while living and studying under him for many years, as well as being Yip Man's first student in Hong Kong, Leung presented Yip Man with obvious reason to train him well. It was Leung Sheung's undeniable abilities that played a significant role in promoting and building Yip Man's Wing Chun in Hong Kong. Leung Sheung, along with Lok Yiu and Chu Shong Tin are considered to be the three, first generation closed-door students of Yip Man.


Prior to meeting Yip Man, Leung Sheung trained in many styles of kung fu including Choy Li Fut, White Eyebrow, and Dragon style.[2] But it was Yip Man's Wing Chun in which Leung Sheung would dedicate his life beginning in 1949. As Yip Man's first Hong Kong student, Leung Sheung was the older kung fu brother of Yip Man's other students. All of whom, including Bruce Lee, showed him high respect.

In 1956, Leung Sheung began to teach Wing Chun publicly. He was one of the few students that Yip Man encouraged to open a school and begin to teach.[3]


  • "If you find me, you are lucky." [4]


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