Leung Yee-tai

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Leung Yee-tai (梁二娣) was a Wing Chun master.

He was a strong boatman who steered a riverboat by pushing a long pole against the river bottom. A Shaolin monk Chi Sin (至善禪師) saw that he was a natural successor to the Shaolin pole fighting skill called six and a half point long pole.

He taught Wong Wah-bo his pole fighting skill in exchange for the Wing Chun fist-fighting skill. Though he was a student of Wong in Wing Chun, he was actually Wong's sifu in the pole fighting skill. Wong modified the pole fighting skills using Wing Chun principles. The modified pole skill is now part of Wing Chun training.

He met Leung Jan of Foshan, a herbal doctor, when he was sick. He then trained Leung Jan when he was already an old man at over sixty years of age.

Leung Yee-tai, Wong Wah-Bo, and Leung Jan, were all portrayed in the 1981 Sammo Hung film The Prodigal Son.

The movie is well known for showing some of the best wing chun fight scenes, along with The Grandmaster starring Tony Leung and Ip Man trilogy starring Donnie Yen.


Lineage in Wing Chun
sifu Wong Wah-bo (黃華寶)
other teacher learned pole fighting skill from abbot Chi Sin (至善禪師)
Leung Yee-tai (梁二娣)
known student Leung Jan (梁贊)
taught his pole fighting skill to his sifu