Lev Perovski

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Lev Perovski
Count Lev Alekseevich Perovski.jpg
Born(1792-09-09)9 September 1792
Died21 November 1856(1856-11-21) (aged 64)
Alma materImperial Moscow University

Count Lev Alekseyevich von Perovski (Russian: Лев Алексе́евич Перо́вский, also transliterated as Perofsky, Perovskii, Perovskiy, Perovsky, Perowski, and Perowsky; also credited as L.A. Perovski) (9 September 1792 – 21 November 1856) was a Russian nobleman and mineralogist who also served as Minister of Internal Affairs under Nicholas I of Russia.[1]

In 1845, he proposed the creation of the Russian Geographical Society.[2]

The mineral perovskite is named for him.[3]


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