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'Lev Petrovich Bulat (In Russian: Лев Петрович Булат), a Russian physicist, was born on April 11, 1947, Chernovtsy, Ukraine. He died suddenly on June 12, 2016, age 69, less than two weeks after attending an international conference. In 1988 he received a D.Sc in Physics and Mathematics, from Leningrad Polytechnical Institute, with the thesis: "Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors under Large Temperature Gradients". Expert in transport properties of semiconductors, physics of nanostructures, thermoelectric phenomena, direct energy conversion, thermoelectric cooling. Professor of electrical and electronic engineering in Saint Petersburg State University of Low Temperatures and Food Engineering, Russia.

Awards and Grants[edit]

  • 2009. A diploma of the International Thermoelectric Academy, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2009. A grant of EERSS Program. Singapore.
  • 2008. A grant of the Russian Federal Agency on Sciences and Innovation
  • 2007. A grant of EERSS Program. Singapore.
  • 2006. The Certificate of Honor, the Ministry of Education and Sciences, Russian Federation.
  • 1996 - 2009. Eleven grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.
  • 2005. A grant of SSHN (France).
  • 2004, 2007. Two grants of CONACYT (Mexico).
  • 2003–2004. A grant of the Ministry of Education, Russian Federation .
  • 1997? A grant of KOSEF (Korea)
  • 1997. A grant of the McArthour Foundation (USA).
  • 1997–2000. A holder of a personal grant of the Russian Academy of Science as an outstanding scientist.
  • 1997. Two grants of the Material Research Society (USA).
  • 1993–1994. Three grants of the International Science Foundation, USA.



L. Bulat is the author of 9 books, 200 scientific papers and 5 patents.


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