Lev HaSharon Regional Council

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Lev HaSharon Regional Council

Lev HaSharon Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית לב השרון‎‎, Mo'atza Azorit Lev HaSharon, lit. Heart of the Sharon Regional Council) is a regional council in the Center District of Israel. The council was established in 1984, unifying Hadar HaSharon and Northern Sharon regional councils, and covers 18 villages with a total area of 57,000 dunams and a population of 13,600.

It borders Hefer Valley Regional Council and Pardesiya to the north, Qalansawe, Tira and the West Bank to the east, Drom HaSharon Regional Council to the south and Even Yehuda and Netanya to the west. Until 1997 it also covered Tzoran, now a local council.

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Coordinates: 32°18′N 34°57′E / 32.300°N 34.950°E / 32.300; 34.950