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Lev Yakovlevich Kulchitsky
Born 4 March [O.S. 20 February] 1813
Russian Empire
Died 7 December 1873(1873-12-07) (aged 60)
Taganrog, Russian Empire
Occupation admiral, statesman

Lev Yakovlevich Kulchitsky (Russian: Лев Яковлевич Кульчицкий, 4 March [O.S. 20 February] 1813 – 7 December [O.S. 25 November] 1873) was a Russian rear-admiral and the 13th governor of Taganrog, member of the Admiralty since 1856.

Graduated from Cadet Corps in 1831. Served in the Black Sea Fleet, promoted to captain-lieutenant in 1849, captain second rank since 1855, captain first rank since 1858, rear-admiral since 1866. During Crimean War Lev Kulchitskiy commanded the paddle frigate Gromonosets.

In 1860 he was appointed chairman of the military trial at Nikolaev port. In 1863 appointed chief of the Konstantinovskaya Navy Station in Tsemes Bay. Kulchitsky served as Governor of Taganrog from 1868 to 1873. After his death he was interred in the crypt of The All-Saints Church in Taganrog at the Taganrog Old Cemetery


External links and references[edit]

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Government offices
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Ivan Shestakov
Governors of Taganrog
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acting governor Achilles Alferaki