Lev Skrbenský z Hříště

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His Eminence

Lev Skrbenský z Hřiště
Cardinal, Archbishop of Olomouc
Cardinal, Archbishop of Prague
Lev Skrbensky z Hriste - tombstone.jpg
Tombstone of Lev Skrbenský z Hříště in Saint Wenceslas cathedral in Olomouc (Czech Republic)
ChurchRoman Catholic
Term ended6 July 1920
PredecessorFranziskus von Sales Bauer
SuccessorAntonín Cyril Stojan
Other postsCardinal-Priest of Santo Stefano al Monte Celio
Ordination7 July 1889
Consecration6 January 1900
Created cardinal15 April 1901
by Leo XIII
Personal details
Born(1863-06-12)12 June 1863
Hausdorf (now a part of Bartošovice), Moravia, Austria-Hungary
Died24 December 1938(1938-12-24) (aged 75)
Dlouhá Loučka, Czechoslovakia
Previous postCardinal Archbishop of Prague (1899-1916)

Lev Skrbenský z Hříště, German: Leo Skrbenský von Hříště, also spelt Skrebensky (12 June 1863, Hausdorf (now a part of Bartošovice), Moravia, Austria-Hungary – 24 December 1938, Dlouhá Loučka, Czechoslovakia) was a prominent Cardinal in the Catholic Church during the early 20th century.

Of uncertain but undoubtedly wealthy background (it is sometimes believed he was an illegitimate child of the Habsburg Monarchy)[citation needed], Lev Skrbensky z Hriste was educated at the prestigious seminary of Olomouc and during the 1880s worked on a doctorate in canon law from the Pontifical Gregorian University. After being ordained in 1889, he went into the Austro-Hungarian Army and spent the following decade serving as an army chaplain.

He left his military duties in 1899, and Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria selected him as Archbishop of Prague. Two years later, he was made a cardinal on 15 April 1901, at the age of thirty-seven.[1] He received the red hat on 9 June 1902.[2] He participated in the 1903 and 1914 conclaves, and in 1916 was transferred to the prestigious see of Olomouc, to which he was elected by its cathedral chapter at the request of the Habsburg government. He resigned this see in 1920 because his poor health and did not participate in the 1922 conclave.

Although his health remained very poor, Skrbensky z Hriste lived until 1938 and was the last cardinal created by Pope Leo XIII to die, outliving Vincenzo Vannutelli by more than eight years.


  1. ^ Since then no man has been elevated to the cardinalate at such a young age. The youngest in the past hundred years have been: Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira elevated in 1929 at the age of 41 and Jusztinián György Serédi elevated in 1927 at the age of 43.
  2. ^ "Latest intelligence - Papal Consistory". The Times (36790). London. 10 June 1902. p. 7.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Franziskus von Paula Graf von Schönborn
Archbishop of Prague
Succeeded by
Pavel Huyn
Preceded by
Franziskus von Sales Bauer
Archbishop of Olomouc
Succeeded by
Antonín Cyril Stojan