Levanger–Hokstad Ferry

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Ytterøy Ferry
MF Ropeid in Levanger.jpg
Waterway Trondheim Fjord
Transit type Double-ended
Route Norwegian National Road 774
Carries Automobiles and passengers
Terminals Levanger
Operator Tide Sjø
Authority Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Began operation 1958
System length 9.0 kilometres (5.6 mi)
Travel time 30 min
Frequency 11 / day
No. of vessels MF Ytterøyningen
Daily ridership 235 (2007)
Daily vehicles 140 (2007)
Connections at Levanger
Levanger Station

The Levanger–Hokstad Ferry is an automobile ferry on Norwegian National Road 774 that connects the island of Ytterøya to the mainland and municipal centre of Levanger. The 9.0-kilometre (5.6 mi) long passage on Trondheim Fjord is performed with the double-ended ferries MF Yttringen and operated by Tide Sjø making 11 crossings in each direction each day taking 30 minutes. In 2007, the line had a daily ridership of 235 people and 140 vehicles.[1]


Automobile ferry transport in Innherred started in 1958 when the company Innherredsferja started the route Levanger–Hokstad–VangshyllaKjerringvikVenneshamn; connecting Levanger to the island of Ytterøya, and onwards connecting Inderøy with Mosvik. In 1964, a new road between Kjerringvik and Venneshamn opened, and at the same time a second ferry was purchased, allowing two routes to be established, the Levanger–Hokstad Ferry and the Vangshylla–Kjerringvik Ferry.[2]

In 2005, the ferry line was made subject to public service obligation in a package with the Brekstad–Valset route. In preparation for the competition Innherredsferja was bought by Fosen Trafikklag,[3] but fail to succeed at the contract, losing it to Nor-Ferjer who took over the line as of 1 January 2007.[4] Nor-Ferjer merged to form Tide Sjø in 2007. The ferry MF Ropeid is docked at Levanger as a reserve ferry for both the routes.


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