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Level or levels or may refer to:


  • Water level, the average height of a water
    • Sea level, the average height of the ocean's surface, reference of height systems



Science and mathematics[edit]

  • Level (algebra), the least number of squares that sum to in a field
  • Level set, a set where a function takes on a given constant value
  • Level measurement, instrumentation techniques to measure height within a vessel
  • Level of measurement, a theory of the kinds of scales or levels used for measuring
  • Level (logarithmic quantity), a logarithmic measure defined as the logarithm of a ratio of two like quantities, often expressed in decibels
  • Level, for a Categorical variable in statistics, the different values that such a variable can have
  • Level, in Applied statistics, the different values that a factor can have
  • Level, in the Design of experiments, the different treatments that are applied within a factor
  • Classification levels, in Biological organisation, classrooms, churches, hospitals among others
  • Energy levels, discrete amounts of energy that can be held by a quantum mechanical system or confined particle


  • ILR scale, descriptions of abilities to communicate in a language




Other uses[edit]

  • Level (airline), a Spanish airline
  • LeveL, a games magazine in the Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey
  • Level, a games magazine in Sweden
  • Level Vodka, a brand of vodka
  • Level playing field, a concept about fairness where all play by the same set of rules
  • a collection of objects with the same rank in a hierarchy; see Overlapping hierarchy
  • a layer of defense in American football; see Two-level defense
  • an indication of the number of previous posts to a forum thread at which a portion of text was written
  • Level crossing, a place where track and road meet at the same level

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