Level 9 (TV series)

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Level 9
Level 9 Cast.png
Level 9 Cast
Created by Michael Connelly
John Sacret Young
Starring Fab Filippo
Kate Hodge
Michael Kelly
Romany Malco
Max Martini
Kim Murphy
Susie Park
Esteban Powell
Tim Guinee
Composer(s) Brian Tyler
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (3 unaired)
Executive producer(s) Michael Connelly
John Sacret Young
Josh Meyer
David Percelay
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Sacret Productions
Paramount Television
Distributor CBS Television Distribution
Original network UPN
Original release October 27, 2000 (2000-10-27) – January 26, 2001 (2001-01-26)

Level 9 is an American Science fiction drama that was broadcast on UPN from October 27, 2000 until January 26, 2001. The plot revolved around a secret agency within the government, staffed by government agents, tech-savvy geeks, and former criminal hackers, which is tasked with solving or preventing cyber crimes.

Thirteen episodes were produced, ten of which were aired on UPN,[1] before the program was canceled in January 2001 due to low ratings. In August 2006, the Sci-Fi Channel acquired rerun rights to the series which was added to their schedule in June 2007. Sci-Fi aired the episodes never shown by UPN in February 2008.


  • Fabrizio Filippo as Roland Travis, a former criminal hacker given a choice between prison and joining Level 9.
  • Kate Hodge as Annie Price, the Level 9 team leader and a former FBI agent.
  • Michael Joseph Kelly as Wilbert "Tibbs" Thibodeaux
  • Romany Malco as Jerry Hooten, formerly with the United States Postal Inspection Service.
  • Max Martini as Jack Wiley, an agent with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a former army ranger who studied cyber-ops before joining the team in the second episode.
  • Kim Murphy as Margaret "Sosh" Perkins, born June 9, 1972, she was an internet model before she got into anti-cyber-crime.
  • Susie Park as Joss Nakano
  • Esteban Powell as Jargon, a few years ago he quit his high-school hacking club when they started getting into criminal hacking.
  • Tim Guinee as Det. John Burrows, he works closely with Level 9 in first episode, but did not return. (Max Martini's character filling the same general role)
  • Willie Garson as Bones, an expert on internet privacy and "big brother" who helps the team in the first two episodes.
  • Miguel Sandoval as Santoro Goff, the agency director in Washington D.C. with oversight of Level 9.


Prod.#[2] Title Airdate[1]
001 "Mail Call" October 27, 2000
002 "DefCon" November 3, 2000
005 "Through the Looking Glass" November 10, 2000
003 "Reboot" November 17, 2000
008 "Digital Babylon" November 24, 2000
004 "Ten Little Hackers" December 1, 2000
006 "A Price to Pay" December 8, 2000
007 "Eat Flaming Death" December 15, 2000
009 "Wetware" January 19, 2001
010 "Avatar" January 26, 2001
011 "It's Magic" UNAIRED
012 "The Programmer" UNAIRED
013 "Mob.com" UNAIRED


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