Level Mountain Range

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Level Mountain Range
Highest point
Peak Meszah Peak
Elevation 2,166 m (7,106 ft)
Coordinates 58°28′43″N 131°26′14″W / 58.47861°N 131.43722°W / 58.47861; -131.43722
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
District Cassiar Land District
Range coordinates 58°23′26″N 131°24′06″W / 58.3906°N 131.4017°W / 58.3906; -131.4017Coordinates: 58°23′26″N 131°24′06″W / 58.3906°N 131.4017°W / 58.3906; -131.4017
Topo map NTS 104J/06
Formed by Stratovolcano, lava domes
Age of rock Neogene-to-Quaternary

The Level Mountain Range is a small but prominent mountain range occupying the broad summit of Level Mountain in northern British Columbia, Canada. Located between the Tuya River in the east and the Sheslay River in the west, it represents a high point on the Nahlin Plateau. The range is geologically younger than the main mass of Level Mountain, having formed in the last 7.1 million years. An eroded stratovolcano and several lava domes of Miocene-to-Pleistocene age comprise the Level Mountain Range. The highest point is Meszah Peak at the north end of the range with an elevation of 2,166 m (7,106 ft).

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