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A levenslied (Dutch, lit. "life song" or "song about life") is a sentimental Dutch-language subgenre of popular music. Levenslied-lyrics can be sweet or bitter, light and sentimental but also reflective and dark, about subjects such as love, misery and far-away, sunny, exotic holiday places. It is related to the chanson though for a lower class audiences, like the schlager.

A typical levenslied has catchy, simple rhythms and melodies, with many pop and folk tunes, and is always built up in couplets and refrains. Essential, traditional musical instruments in levenslied-music are the accordion and the barrel organ. In recent years, many levenslied-artists also use synthesizers and guitars for their music.


Notable Dutch levenslied singers:

Famous Flemish levenslied-artists: