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Levenslied (Dutch, literally "life song" or "song about life") is a sentimental Dutch-language subgenre of popular music.[1] Levenslied lyrics can be sweet or bitter, light and sentimental, but also reflective and dark, about subjects such as love, misery and far-away, sunny, exotic holiday places. The darker, more sentimental songs are also known as "smartlap" (literally: "grief cloth"). The levenslied is related to the chanson though for a lower-class audience, like the schlager.

A typical levenslied has catchy, simple rhythms and melodies and is built up in couplets and refrains. Traditional musical instruments in levenslied music are the accordion and the barrel organ. Modern levenslied artists also use synthesizers and guitars.

The songs are usually in Dutch but also English or Italian.

Two cities in the Netherlands, Tilburg and Nijmegen, have annual Levenslied festivals.[2][3]


Notable Dutch levenslied singers:

Notable Flemish levenslied singers:


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