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For other uses of Leviathan in comics, see Leviathan (comics).
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2000AD issue 1360 showing the Leviathan ship
Publication information
Publisher 2000 AD (Rebellion)
Format Limited series
Publication date 2003 - 2005
Creative team
Writer(s) Ian Edginton
Artist(s) D'Israeli
Creator(s) Ian Edginton
Collected editions
Leviathan ISBN 1-904265-65-0

Leviathan is a horror comic series created by Ian Edginton and D'Israeli and, which appeared in the British magazine 2000 AD starting in 2003.

The story is set on a massive ocean liner (the Leviathan of the title) which has been transported to some sort of parallel world with no land or landmarks. The story appeared in ten parts followed by three stand alone "Tales of the Leviathan" which expanded on the history of the ship as well as featuring new characters.

Ian Edginton has described it as "Agatha Christie meets Silent Hill."[citation needed]


  • Detective Sergeant Aurelius Lament, a police officer who is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. His wife, Mary, died in child birth five years earlier, the result of the ship's doctor being drunk.
  • William Ashbless, the boat's designer.
  • Sky Baker, a "Mace", one of the unofficial police who maintain order in Steerage class. Her mother was killed by the Stokers about six months before the story starts.
  • Hastur, the demon controlling/powering the ship who appears to be under control of Ashbless. His servants, known as Stokers, kill their victims by flaying them with their long tongues.
  • Davy Moyes a young Scottish apprentice who became Hasturs' first servant (in "Chosen Son")
  • Captain Michael McLean, soldier, hunter and adventurer who went on an expedition to Hold Thirteen, rumoured to be filled with luxury items. (in "McLean's Last Case").
  • Petra Connaught, famed aviatrix killed whilst trying to search for land (in "Beyond the Blue Horizon").


The Leviathan is the largest ship ever built - A mile long and half a mile tall and taking ten years to build. She is clearly modelled on the Titanic. Launched in 1928 with some 28,000 passengers and crew it disappeared and has spent the last twenty years lost in some kind of endless and lifeless ocean. There are strange goings on deep in the bowels of the ship which occasionally leak out on to the upper decks.

Collected editions[edit]

All of the strips were collected in a trade hardcover published by Rebellion in October 2006 (ISBN 1-904265-65-0) then as a softcover in 2010 (190751919X), which got a US edition from Simon & Schuster in 2012 (ISBN 9781907992698):[1]

  • Leviathan (in 2000 AD #1351-1360, 2003)
  • Tales of the Leviathan:
    • "Chosen Son" (in 2000 AD #2005, 2004)
    • "McLean's Last Case" (in 2000 AD #1465, 2005)
    • "Beyond the Blue Horizon" (in 2000 AD #1466, 2005)

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