Leviathan (comic strip)

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Leviathan (comic strip).jpg
Levi, with Rabbit, discusses his sister's screaming with Cat
Author(s) Peter Blegvad
Publisher(s) The Independent on Sunday

Leviathan is a comic strip by Peter Blegvad, an American musician, singer-songwriter, and cartoonist. It appeared in the review section of the British newspaper The Independent on Sunday during the 1990s.


The title character, whose name is shortened in the strip to Levi, is drawn as a faceless baby who constantly carries a stuffed toy rabbit called either Bunny or Rabbit. A pet cat called Cat is often around to give advice. The strip describes Levi's experiences as he crawls around a surreal and often frightening landscape filled with disjointed words and objects, which perhaps reflect the incomprehensible nature of the world as seen by a baby, but which also raise philosophical questions of interest to adults.

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