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Levon or Lévon, is an Armenian given name (in Armenian Լևոն or in Western Armenian Լեւոն) equivalent to Leon.

Levon may refer to:


Given name
  • King Leo (disambiguation), a series of individuals known as King Levon (in Armenian)
  • Levon Altonian, Lebanese Armenian football (soccer) player
  • Levon Ambartsumian (born 1955), Armenian classical violinist and conductor
  • Levon Ananyan (1946–2013), Armenian journalist and translator
  • Levon Aronian (born 1982), Armenian chess Grandmaster
  • Levon Babujian (born 1986), Armenian chess Grandmaster
  • Levon Chailakhyan (1928-2009), Russian physiologist, biophysicist, and embryologist of Armenian origin
  • Levon Chaushian (born 1946), Armenian composer, vice-president of the Armenian Composers’ Union and chairman of the Armenian Composers Assembly
  • Levon Chilingirian (born 1948), UK-based Armenian violinist, founder of the Chilingirian Quartet
  • Levon Chookaszian (born 1952), Armenian art historian and the UNESCO Chair of Armenian Art History
  • Levon Davidian (1944-2009), Iranian-Armenian politician, member of Iranian parliament
  • Levon Geghamyan (born 1977), Armenian Greco Roman wrestler
  • Levon Ashotovich Grigorian (1947–1975), Soviet Armenian chess player
  • Levon Hayrapetyan (born 1989), Armenian football player
  • Levon Helm (1940–2012), American rock musician and actor who achieved fame as the drummer and frequent lead and backing vocalist for The Band
  • Levon Ichkhanian, Lebanese Armenian Canadian guitarist of stringed instruments specialist, in Jazz, World and Traditional music
  • Levon "Bo" Jones, American former death row inmate for 15 years, convicted and sentenced to death in 1993 with conviction overturned in 2006, released from prison in 2008
  • Levon Julfalakyan (born 1964), Soviet Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler
  • Levon Kemalyan (1907–1976), Armenian-American model railroading entrepreneur
  • Levon Kendall (born 1984), Canadian basketball player
  • Levon Khechoyan (1955–2014), Armenian writer and novelist
  • Levon Khachigian (born 1964), Armenian Australian medical scientist in vascular cell and molecular biology, cardiovascular and cancer pathology
  • Levon Kirkland (born 1969), American football linebacker in the National Football League
  • Levon Larents (1875-1915), or levon Kirisciyan, Ottoman Armenian writer, translator, journalist, editor, novelist, poet, and teacher. During the Armenian Genocide, deported and killed
  • Levon Louis, electronic musician, sound designer, record producer, and video game audio director
  • Lévon Minassian, French-Armenian duduk player
  • Levon Mirzoyan, Secretary of Communist Party of the Azeri SSR (1926-1929) and the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Kazakh SSR (1936-1938) executed during the Great Purge
  • Levon Mkrtchyan (born 1953), Armenian film and documentary film director
  • Levon Orbeli (1882–1958), or Leon Orbeli, Armenian physiologist
  • Levon Pashalian (1868-1943), Ottoman Armenian short story writer, journalist, editor, novelist, and politician
  • Levon Pogosian, Canadian Armenian professor of astrophysics
  • Lévon Sayan (born 1934), or Levon Sanosyan, French-Armenian impresario and producer, operatic tenor
  • Levon Shant (1869-1951), Armenian playwright, novelist, poet, and founder of the Hamazkayin National Cultural Foundation
  • Levon Sharafyan (born 1947), Armenian film actor
  • Levon Ter-Petrosyan (born 1945), Armenian politician. First President of Armenia from 1991 to 1998
  • Levon Zourabian (born 1964), Armenian politician
Middle name
  • Robert Levon Been (born 1978), American indie rock bass guitarist, guitarist, and singer
Family name


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