Levy Barent Cohen

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Levy Barent Cohen
Born 1740s
Died 1808
Occupation Financier
Parent(s) Barent Cohen
Relatives Nathan Mayer Rothschild (son-in-law)
Moses Montefiore (son-in-law)

Levy Barent Cohen (1740s – 1808) was a Dutch-born British financier and communal worker.

Early life[edit]

Levy Barent Cohen was born in the 1740s. He was the son of Barent Cohen, a wealthy merchant of Amsterdam.


Cohen moved to England with his brother. By 1778, Cohen had developed a large business in London. He became known as one of the leading merchants of the city.

Personal life[edit]

Cohen was naturalized as a British subject in 1798. Through the distinguished marriages which his children contracted, nearly all the leading Jewish families in England were connected with him. His daughter Hannah became the wife of Nathan Mayer Rothschild; the second daughter, Judith, married Moses Montefiore; the third daughter, Jessie, married Myer Davidson.


Cohen died in 1808.


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