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Lew Parker (October 29, 1910 – October 27, 1972) was an American television, stage and musical theatre actor. His most notable role was as Lew Marie, the beleaguered father of Marlo Thomas's character, Ann Marie, on the 1960s television series That Girl.

Personal life/death[edit]

He married actress Betty Kean,[1] the older sister of actress Jane Kean (1923-2013). Parker and Kean remained together until Parker's death from cancer, two days before his 62nd birthday, in New York City in 1972. Betty Kean died on September 29, 1986, also from cancer. The couple were survived by a daughter, Deirdre, and two grandchildren.


  1. ^ Betty Kean was born on December 15, 1914 as per the Social Security Death Index (SS# 568-07-6525); however other sources have cited 1915 or 1916 as her year of birth

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