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The wicket at the Stanley Turner Ground (2013), home of Lewes Priory Cricket Club
Lewes Priory Cricket Club playing evening cricket at the Stanley Turner Ground (STG), May 2013. Nets in background
Third eleven May 2013. Some matches are played at the convent ground. Lewes castle and remains of the priory in the background
Traditional cricket club blazer from Lewes Priory cricket club, Sussex, England (1937). Originally the property of Dick Carvill, accountant at Harvey's brewery, Lewes. Then belonged to Rex Hudson, former club vice captain and local auctioneer/estate agent (who sold Shelley's hotel on a number of occasions)
Traditional cricket club tie from 1960s

Lewes Priory is a cricket club based in Lewes, England. The club is based at the Stanley Turner Ground, although the Saturday 3rd XI plays at the Convent Field, which is situated behind Lewes F.C.'s The Dripping Pan ground. The Saturday 1st XI plays in the 2nd division of the Sussex Cricket League. The Saturday 2nd XI plays in the 2nd XI Division 2 of the Sussex Cricket League. The Saturday 3rd XI plays in Division 9 of the East Sussex Cricket League. There is also a Sunday XI and an occasional midweek XI that play friendly matches.

Lewes Priory Cricket Club cap is currently black with the town's shield. In the 1980s this style started to replace the traditional cap which consisted of the club colours (see blazer) in the form of hoops

Lewes Priory has a large junior section and was clubmark accredited until October 2014. The club runs sides from under-8s/9s to an under-16 development XI Quite a few of the Lewes Priory junior players play area cricket, eastern eagles, southern sabres etc. The current under 16 team features a player who plays for sussex academy.

Lewes Priory is associated with the annual wandering side Lewes Nomads. In the summer of 2013 and 2014 their tour is to the Isle of Wight.

Some matches are held at Falmer. Lewes (and the locations of the home games of Lewes Priory Cricket Club) are six minutes by train/bus from the University of Sussex.


  • Sussex Cricket League
    • Premier Division champions 1986, 1990
    • Division 2 champions 1999, 2006, 2008


The origin of the club extends back to at least 1831 when Mr J Longford (one of the local brewers) bought 10 acres of the Lewes Priory Grounds from the Earl of Chichester and made some of the grounds known as the 'Dripping Pan' available for cricket [1]

Lewes priory cricket club (Sussex, England) cap and tie. Cap is pre- 1939 and the tie more recent, i.e. cap shows original colours

Timeline of club history[edit]

Date Event
1816 Window bill for a cricket match to be played on Lewes Hill, near the race stand on Wednesday September 4th 1816. The match was to be between the Gentlemen of Patcham, Poynings, Pycombe and Newtimber with one given Man against the Lewes club. The game was to be played for 50 guineas and the wickets were to be pitched at 9am. The printer was Baxter of Lewes. The originals of the window bill is in the Sussex Record Offices.
1817 Window bill advertises a Grand Match of Cricket to be played on Lewes Hill near the Race Stand on Tuesday 2 September 1817 between the Gentlemen of the Brighton against the Gentlemen of the Town of Lewes. It also states that if the morning should appear unfavourable the match would be played in Houndean Bottom. The return match was to be played on Monday 8th September. It also states that "Lambert's Cricketer's Guide, containing the Laws, Bats, Balls, &c, may be had on the Ground". Printed by Baxter of Lewes. The Lewes team is given as: Verral, Rider, Baxter, Green, Lambert, Raynes, Martin, Holmden, Hoye, Venus and Thomas Dexter. The Brighton team is given as Stevens, James Dale, W. Dench, Newel, H Morley, Roff, Hart, J Slater, Evershed, Harriott and Burr. A note states that W. Dench was "whipper-in" to the Brighton hounds. Brighton won by 4 wickets: Lewes 57 and 47; Brighton 57 and 48 for 6.[2]
1818 A draft window bill advertises the return match of cricket between the Gentlemen of Lindfield against an unidentified side of gentlemen. It is undated but was found with material dated after Aug 24th 1818.[3]
1831 Club formally established and based at dripping pain site in Lewes, close to priory remains
1836 Entry in the Sussex Weekly Advertiser (Monday 18th of July) states: "The return match between the Chalvington Club and the Priory Club will come off this day in the above grounds... and the return match between the Priory and Southern Clubs will be played in the park at Firle Place, on the 25th Inst."
1881 August Lewes priory cricket club "Cricket Week" included notable opponents in the sporting team I Zingari and the Hurst College (a Woodard foundation school) [4]
1908 Leicestershire fast bowler Arthur Woodcock represented MCC in match against Lewes Priory CC. At this game at the dripping pan he is noted to have "bowled a bail off the wicket 149 feet six inches, sending it over a fourteen feet bank and a wall on the boundary".[5]
1908 (August 12-13) Lewes Priory played the United Services at Portsmouth. Priory made 138 and 296 against the United Service's 541. Notable scores were: Commander HDR Watson 101, Lieutenant OE Leggett 101, Commander BS Evans 102 and Staff Sergeant NJ Roche 100>
1934 (April 4th) Date of Stanley Turner Trust Deed to create the Stanley Turner Recreation Ground. This states that "no buildings shall be erected thereon except pavilions, stands or other buildings necessary for the use of the land as a public recreation ground and that in no event shall it be used for the erection of houses" and that "So far as is practicable English timber only shall be used in the erection of gates fences pergolas seats and other wooden erections on the said land"
1944 Lewes Priory CC donated £25 to the Daily Sketch War Relief Fund [6]

Club captains[edit]

1960 H. Pett 1961 J. Winter 1962 J. Winter 1963 R.C. Cosham 1964 R.C. Cosham 1965 R.C. Cosham 1966 J. O'Connor 1967 J. O'Connor 1968 J. O'Connor 1969 R.C. Cosham 1970 S.B. Hughes 1972 S.B. Hughes 1973 C.H. Johnson 1974 C.H. Johnson 1975 J. O'Connor 1976 J. O'Connor 1977 J. O'Connor 1978 J. O'Connor 1979 J. O'Connor 1980 J. Leckey 1981 B. Holding 1982 B. Holding 1983 B. Holding 1984 R. Seager 1985 R. Seager 1986 R. Seager 1987 R. Seager 1988 C. Hartridge 1989 C. Hartridge 1990 J. Roycroft 1991 J. Roycroft

Lewes priory cricket club 150th anniversary tie and cap (1981)

Club Presidents[edit]

to 1981 Rt Hon. Viscount Gage KCVO 1982-1985 S.B. Hughes, Esq 1986-1984 J.P. Beilby, Esq 1995-1996 R.J. Hayward 1996-1999 R.C. Cosham 2000 to date J.A. O'Connor

Notable members[edit]

Sussex CCC players[edit]

Since 1938 at least six Lewes Priory players have played for Sussex, including:

  • Doug Smith fast bowler who played for sussex before the second world war
  • D.J. Smith[16]
  • P.G. Laker[17]
  • Ralph Cowen:[18] Oxford blue at cricket and football who was at the receiving end of the fastest goal (at that time) scored at Wembley. He also took 6 wickets for 19 runs bowling Sussex to victory against the Aussies. One of his victim was Alan Border
  • Carl Hopkinson[19] current fielding coach at Sussex CCC
  • Paul Phillipson[20]

England players[edit]

Overseas players and members[edit]

Lewes Priory Cricket Club sticker tour of Denmark 1985


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