Lewis Caine

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Lewis Caine
Born 22 April 1965
Died 8 May 2004 (aged 39)
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
Other names Sean Vincent
Adrian Bligh
Criminal charge Murder
Criminal penalty 15 years imprisonment
10 year non-parole period
Criminal status Deceased (murdered)
Conviction(s) Murder

Lewis Caine (22 April 1965 – 8 May 2004[1]) (also known by the aliases Sean Vincent and Adrian Bligh [2]) was an Australian organized crime figure who was murdered on 8 May 2004 during the Melbourne gangland killings.

He was a self-proclaimed martial arts expert, but this was disputed by the police.[3] Caine was portrayed by actor Marcus Graham in the television series Underbelly.

Murder of David Templeton[edit]

Caine was convicted of the murder of David Templeton outside Lazars nightclub in King Street, Melbourne in 1988 [2] and was released from prison in June 2000 after serving 10 years of his 15-year sentence. He was on parole at the time of his murder.[4]

Zarah Garde-Wilson[edit]

Main article: Zarah Garde-Wilson

Caine was the de facto husband of lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson at the time of his murder. The couple had lived together for a period of approximately two years and a half before his death. The pair had met while Garde-Wilson was employed with a Melbourne-based law firm and was representing Caine on drunk driving charges.


On 8 May 2004, Evangelos Goussis and associate Keith Faure travelled to Melbourne from Geelong to meet with Caine at the 'Plough and Harrow Hotel' in Carlton at the invitation of Faure.

Caine's body was found with a single gunshot wound to his head in Katawa Grove, Brunswick at approximately 11 pm the same night.[2] Caine had been seen dining with convicted murderer Carl Williams and his wife Roberta at Melbourne's Windows Restaurant on the night before his murder.[4]

On 19 May 2004, heavily armed members of the Victoria Police Special Operations Group arrested Goussis and Faure in relation to Caine's murder while the pair were walking alongside Geelong's Bay City Plaza shopping centre.[5] Goussis and associate Faure were later convicted of Caine's murder.


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