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Lewis Carroll Epstein is the author of layman's books on physics that use an idiosyncratic mix of cartoons and single-page brain teasers to pull the reader into advanced concepts in classical mechanics, quantum theory, and relativity.[1][2]

His books "Thinking Physics" and "Thinking Physics is Gedanken Physics" have been republished for almost 30 years, the former being on the Exploratorium recommended science reading list.[3][4][5] He credits his teaching style to experience presenting technical testimony to trial juries and congressional hearings.[6] Note: Unfortunately, Mr. Epstein does not give any credit to his co-author and the book's illustrator, Paul G. Hewitt.



  • Thinking Physics is Gedanken Physics (1979, ISBN 0-935218-06-8)
  • Thinking Physics (1981, ISBN 978-0-935218-02-2), co-authored with physicist Paul G. Hewitt[7]
  • Thinking Physics, Understandable Practical Reality, Third Edition (2009 ISBN 978-0-935218-08-4), author and illustrator Lewis Carroll Epstein[1] Lewis Carroll Epstein (2009), Thinking physics (Thinking Physics, Third ed.), San Francisco: Insight Press, OL 24234250M
  • Relativity Visualized (1984, ISBN 0-935218-03-3), held in over 7000 libraries.[9]
  • Relativity Visualized "The Gold Nugget of Relativity Books" (2000, ISBN 978-0-935218-05-3),[10]
    • translated into German edition Relativitätstheorie anschaulich dargestellt : Gedankenexperimente, Zeichnungen, Bilder [11]


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