Lewis Ferry Moody

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Lewis Ferry Moody
Born 5 January 1880
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died February 21, 1953(1953-02-21) (aged 73)
Princeton, New Jersey
Nationality United States
Occupation Mechanical engineer
Employer Princeton University
Known for Moody chart
Awards Elliott Cresson Medal (1945)

Lewis Ferry Moody (5 January 1880 – 21 February 1953) was an American engineer and professor, best known for the Moody chart, a diagram capturing relationships between several variables used in calculating fluid flow through a pipe. He has 23 patents for his inventions.[1] He was the first Professor of Hydraulics in the School of Engineering at Princeton.[2]

Moody chart showing friction factor plotted against Reynolds number for various roughnesses


He was born on 5 January 1880.

Lewis F. Moody as professor of fluid mechanics and machine design taught at Princeton University starting in 1930.[3]

He married Eleanor Greene. His wife died in 1937.[4] His daughter, Eleanor Lowry Moody, married in 1944.[5] He was awarded the Elliott Cresson Medal in 1945.

He was awarded an Honorary Membership of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 1951.[6]

He died on 21 February 1953.


Five years after his death, ASME created an Award to his honours: The Lewis F. Moody award, which is awarded for outstanding original papers useful to the practice of mechanical engineering by the Fluids Engineering Division (FED).[7]


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