Lewis Glacier (Oregon)

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Lewis Glacier
Map showing the location of Lewis Glacier
Map showing the location of Lewis Glacier
Lewis Glacier
Location in Oregon
TypeMountain glacier
LocationCascade Range, Deschutes County, Oregon, U.S.
Coordinates44°05′42″N 121°46′00″W / 44.09500°N 121.76667°W / 44.09500; -121.76667Coordinates: 44°05′42″N 121°46′00″W / 44.09500°N 121.76667°W / 44.09500; -121.76667[1]
Length3,000 ft (910 m)
TerminusBarren rock

Lewis Glacier is in the U.S. state of Oregon. The glacier is situated in the Cascade Range at an elevation generally above 9,000 feet (2,700 m). Lewis Glacier is on the southeast slopes of South Sister, an inactive stratovolcano.[2] Since its last maximum extent during the Little Ice Age (1350–1850 A.D.) where it descended to an elevation of 6,447 ft (1,965 m), the glacier has been in a general state of retreat and the terminus of the glacier was reported in 2005 to be at approximately 8,790 ft (2,680 m).[3]

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