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Lewis Bingham Keeble, MC (1 January 1915 – 13 November 1994) was a British-born town planner, who became Professor of Regional and Town Planning at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Life and career[edit]

He was born in Lewisham, London, and started work as a Planning Officer in local government in the UK. He also taught part-time. In 1950 he began full-time teaching at the University of Manchester[1] then in 1955 moved to the University of London. Whilst there he wrote one of his well-known early books, Town planning at the crossroads.[2] He was elected President of the Royal Town Planning Institute (1965-66)[3] and later National President of the Royal Australian Planning Institute (1972-74)[4] (now the Planning Institute Australia).

He arrived in Brisbane, Australia, in 1968 to teach town planning subjects in the University of Queensland's Department of Architecture. He was appointed to a Personal Chair in 1970, then became the first Professor of the new Department of Regional and Town Planning in 1971. His inaugural lecture was called The Australian Planner's Dilemma[5] but he was perhaps better known for his massive and detailed textbook on planning called Principles and Practice of Town and Country Planning.[6] He completed his doctoral thesis[7] in 1973. He was active in the Australian Institute of Urban Studies but left Australia with his wife, Betty Trevena, to return to Oxford in 1979 where they set up a town planning consultancy. Keeble's experience during this later period led to two additional publications, Town planning made plain[8] and Fighting planning appeals.[9]

He died in Oxford on 13 November 1994.[10]


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