Lewis Lacey

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Lewis Lacey

Lewis Lawrence Lacey (1887–1966) was a polo player.[1]


Lewis Lacey was born on February 17, 1887 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.[2] He was the son of a professional cricketer.[2] Born as a British citizen, he served for England in World War I before returning to Argentina to pursue his polo career.[2]

In 1915 he won the Argentine open and become Argentina's second 10-goal polo player. In 1922 he won the United States open championship, he would return to play this tournament every few years.[2] In 1924 he was asked to play for Great Britain in the Paris Olympics, he did not wish to play against Argentina so was not selected for the final team.[2] In 1924 and 1930 Lacey captained the English team in the International Polo Cup.[2] In the 1928 Cup of the Americas Lacey was selected to play for Argentina.[2] Between 1915 and 1937 he won the Argentine open eight times.[1][2]

He also received attention in 1928 for selling a polo pony for a record US$22,000.[2] The shirts worn in the 1923 season by the Hurlingham Polo Team were created and sold by Lacey, the short sleeved sports shirts had a mounted polo player on the left breast similar to a contemporary style of fashionable shirts.[2] He also wrote many essays about polo, including 'Equitation in the Game of Polo' and the 'Judge's Task in Polo Pony Shows'.[1]

He died in 1966. He was inducted into the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame in Lake Worth, Florida on February 12, 2010.[1]