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Lewis Parker
Birth name Lewis Parker
Born 1977
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1995–present

Lewis Parker is a British hip-hop producer born in London of Barbadian descent, who lived in Canterbury, Kent. As a teenager, Parker released an EP, B Boy Antiks, and a 12" single, Rise/Visions Of Splendour, through Bite It! - a London-based recording label. He signed an album deal with Massive Attack's Virgin Records imprint Melankolic[1] who released his first LP, Masquerades & Silhouettes, in 1998,[2] and follow-up album It's All Happening Now four years later,[3] before he went on to produce a number of records for UK hip hop artists such as Jehst, The Sundragon and Champions of Nature.

Parker has also been credited for his work with Ghostface Killah on the albums Fishscale and More Fish. In 2010, he released a critically acclaimed album with American MC John Robinson called International Summers.


Parker often uses aliases, such as:

  • the original cloudstepper
  • L.P
  • the man with the golden sound
  • Jedi master parker
  • the deadliest man with an sp
  • the deadliest man with three sp's
  • Dusty Vinyl
  • Kid Soul



  • Masquerades & Silhouettes (The Ancients Series One) (LP) (Melankolic/EMI)(release: 1998)
  • It's All Happening Now (The Ancients Series Three) (2xLP) (Melankolic/EMI)(release: 2002)
  • Home Grown Hip Hop (LP) (Cavendish Music)(release: 2002)
  • Put A Beat 2 a Rhime (LP) (The World Of Dusty Vinyl)(release: 2004)
  • Mixtape Volume One (Release 2007)(The World Of Dusty Vinyl)
  • THE PUZZLE episode one THE BIG GAME (2009) (The World Of Dusty Vinyl)
  • The Rise & Fall of River Nelson (River Nelson & Lewis Parker) (2010) (The World Of Dusty Vinyl)
  • International Summers (Lewis Parker & John Robinson) (2010) (Project Mooncircle/HHV)
  • THE PUZZLE episode two THE GLASS CEILING (2013) (The World Of Dusty Vinyl)[4]
  • The Shape of the Sky (River Nelson & Lewis Parker) (2013) (DowntownSoul/The World Of Dusty Vinyl)[5]


  • B-Boy Antiks EP (12") (Bite It! Recordings)
  • The Options EP (12") (Melankolic/EMI)
  • it's all happening now (12") (Melankolic/Virgin/EMI)
  • Easter Island (12") (Low life records)


  • Wonderwall (7") (White label)
  • B-Boy Antiks (12") (White label)
  • Rise/Visions Of Splendour (12") (Bite It! Recordings)
  • 101 Pianos (Test Press) (12") (The World of Dusty Vinyl)
  • Shadows Of Autumn/101 Piano's (12") (Melankolic)*101 Pianos (12") (The World of Dusty Vinyl)
  • Incognito/At Large With A-Cyde (12") (Melankolic)
  • Incognito/At Large With A-Cyde (Promo) (12") (Melankolic)
  • It's All Happening Now (Promo) (12") (Melankolic)
  • Blood F/T Lost Souljah/Mr Parker's Siesta (12") (The World Of Dusty Vinyl)
  • High Stakes (12") (SFDB)
  • The Big Idea (12") (Canteen)
  • international HEAT(12") (The World Of Dusty Vinyl)

Appears on[edit]

  • V/A Operation Overlord - Track: Visions Of Splendour (CD/Cass/Vinyl) - Label: Coke Star Produktions/EMI - Release: 1997
  • "Champions of Nature" - Tracks: Salsa Smurf, The Fuck Off Song & Finalisation


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