Lewis Road Creamery

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Lewis Road Creamery
Founded July 2012
Founders Peter Cullinane, Andrew Railton
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Products Milk, butter, cream
Website www.lewisroadcreamery.co.nz

Lewis Road Creamery is a boutique New Zealand dairy company, located in northern New Zealand.[1] They produce a range of milk products, including varieties of milk, cream, ice cream and butter.[2] The company is best known for its brand of chocolate milk, which in 2014, sparked a frenzied, nationwide shortage.

2014 Chocolate milk shortage[edit]

In October 2014, Lewis Road Creamery in conjunction with Whittaker's Chocolate, launched a new brand of chocolate milk. Initial production was staffed by around five people and totaled around 1000 liters, sold in 750ml and 300ml bottles.[3] Reaction to its release was overwhelmingly positive, centering on its remarkable richness and creaminess.[4] Due to its immense popularity and cult appeal, nationwide demand was, at some estimates, ten times greater than the quantity supplied, resulting in an internationally documented shortage that often saw stores sell out of supplies before the end of the morning.[5]

This shortage prompted local supermarkets and retailers to take extreme measures to secure stock and ensure fair purchasing. In some cases, rationing was implemented so as to limit the purchase to two bottles per person, and security guards were hired to monitor shoppers and fridges containing chocolate milk.[6][7] The shortage also resulted in the emergence of chocolate milk black markets, ranging from scalpers attempting to resell bottles on TradeMe at three to four times their original price to counterfeit chocolate milk production.[8]


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