Parks and open spaces in the London Borough of Lewisham

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Blackheath is one of the largest areas of open space in Greater London
Sayes Court Park, an historic Deptford garden, designed by 17th-century diarist and gardener John Evelyn
The lower end of Telegraph Hill Park

Lewisham parks and open spaces are part of the "green lung" of London and include a diverse range of sites, from small urban parks and gardens to one of the most historic natural landscapes in Greater London at Blackheath. While overall control rests with London Borough of Lewisham, management of borough-owned parks and their facilities is contracted out to Glendale Grounds Management.

Key sites[edit]

Nature conservation

Together with other smaller sites, such as ponds, woods, and railside areas there is a total of 1185 acres (474ha) of land defined as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation. These include:

Local nature reserves are: Beckenham Place Park, Brookmill Road, Burnt Ash Pond, Dacres Wood, Downham Woodland Walk and Sue Godfrey Nature Park.

Local parks

There 45 parks in Lewisham. Apart from those shown above as nature conservation areas, other parks include:

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