Lewiston-Porter Central School District

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Lewiston-Porter Central School District
4061 Creek Road
Youngstown, New York 14174
United States
Funding type Public
Motto Aiming Higher
Established 1947
Superintendent Paul J. Casseri
Faculty 208
Grades K-12
Enrollment 2,500
Color(s) Kelly green and White          
Mascot Lancer
Nickname Lew-Port

Lewiston-Porter Central School District, also referred to as "Lew-Port", is a school district in Youngstown, New York, about 15 miles (24 km) from Niagara Falls, New York.


Lewiston-Porter educates students from Youngstown, Lewiston, New York, and Ransomville, New York. The district encompasses approximately 54 square miles (140 km2) in northern Niagara County, on the shores of Lake Ontario and bordering on the Niagara River. Centralized in 1947, the District is contained in the towns of Lewiston and Porter. About 70% of the District’s taxable property falls within the Town of Lewiston, while the Town of Porter makes up approximately 30% of the assessed value of the District. The district contains five main structures:

  • District Offices
  • Primary building (grades K-2)
  • Intermediate building (grades 3-5)
  • Middle School (grades 6-8)
  • High School (grades 9-12)

As of June 2015, Lewiston-Porter enrolled 2,077 students in K-12 with 12 pupils per teacher. The district had expenditures of $42,234,808 and spending per pupil of $19,241.[1] The superintendent of Lewiston-Porter is Paul J. Casseri

As of 2015, Lewiston-Porter students were:[2]

  • Female students: 48.21%
  • Male students: 51.79%
  • White students: 92.93%
  • Black students: 1.77%
  • Hispanic students: 2.20%
  • Asian students: 1.48%
  • Native American students: 0.81%
  • Multiracial students: 0.81%
  • Gini-Simpson diversity index: 13.53%
  • Living with both parents: 74.76%
  • Economically disadvantaged: 17.25%
  • Youth poverty rate: 7.69%

In 2014[3] Lewiston-Porter Central School District was the highest ranked school district (including both public and private high schools) in Niagara Country, and 9th overall in Western New York, in terms of overall academic performance. In 2015,[4] Lewiston-Porter was rated 10th best in Western New York and 2nd in Niagara Country, behind Starpoint Central School District.


High school[edit]

The principal at Lew-Port High School is Andrew Auer[5] and the Assistant Principal is John Evert.[6] The school holds grades 9-12. The high school has a large gymnasium, a pool on the second floor, a large auditorium, and 3 floors of classrooms. Several sections of the high school are currently under extensive renovation and remodeling, a process which is slated to be fully completed sometime within the next two years.[citation needed]

Over 40 percent of the students participate in interscholastic sports. There are over 30 extracurricular opportunities for students to explore many different interests. Lew-Port High School has a China exchange program where students go to live with a volunteered family, and teachers and students of China live in Lewiston for 6-month period of time. Lew-Port has formed relationships with sister high schools in Italy, Argentina, France, China, Belgium, and England. 98.4% of Lewiston Porter High School students complete High School, and 84% of the students will further their education in a college setting.[citation needed]

Lew-Port High School is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Secondary Schools.[7]

Middle school[edit]

The principal of the middle school (grades 6 - 8) is Dean L. Ramirez and enrollment at the middle school is 550.

The middle school contains a gymnasium with a retractable batting cage, a cafeteria/auditorium, and one floor of classrooms.

Intermediate Education Center[edit]

The "IEC" as it is called by students and teachers, has a large gymnasium that can be divided, a large cafeteria known as the "Lancer Inn", two floors of classrooms and a one story wing with music and art rooms facing east. The principal of the Lew-Port Intermediate Education Center (grades 3 - 5) is Julie Gajewski and enrollment is 408 students.

Primary Education Center[edit]

Tamara Larson is the Elementary Principal. The Primary Education Center at Lew-Port houses grades K - 2 and has an enrollment of 513 students. The Multi-Age Program hosts children from grades 1 - 3.

In 2015, the Lewiston-Porter Primary Education Center was one of nineteen schools throughout New York State to be nominated by the New York State Education Department as a National Blue Ribbon School. The nineteen nominees were selected out of 6,500 schools throughout New York State and include elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as public, private, and charter schools.[8]

Special Education[edit]

The Lewiston-Porter Central School District provides students with disabilities the appropriate services to meet each student's educational needs. A student is classified through the District's (CSE) Committee on Special Education Department or (CPSE) Committee on Preschool Education. The office is located in the Administration Building.


The name of the schools sports team is the "Lewiston-Porter Lancers". The logo consists of a medieval lancer standing ready to charge, covered in kelly green and white, which are the school district's colors. Lewiston-Porter has an array of sports programs, including baseball, football, basketball, bowling, wrestling, cheerleading, track and field, cross country, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, golf, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and softball. Lew-Port has a turf field behind its high school which can hold football, soccer, and lacrosse games and practices for the school. Brad Halgash is the athletic director.

Lew-Port competes in the Niagara Frontier League (NFL) with rival schools including Niagara-Wheatfield, Niagara Falls, Lockport, Starpoint Central School District, and the Grand Island Central School District. Currently, Lew-Port is in New York's Section 6.

In Lew-Port history, only three Jersey numbers have been officially retired. They include:

  • Number 34 – NFL player and Lew-Port alumni Daryl Johnston's number was retired from the school's football program on September 1, 2006.[9]
  • Number 74 – football player Kenny Mort's number was also retired in Lewiston Porter's football program.[10]
  • Number 76 – football player Johnathan "J-Mill" Miller's number was retired from the football program on October 1, 2010. Additionally, a patch with his number was placed on the varsity sports teams' jerseys. Miller died on November 15, 2009 in a car accident.[11]


Lew-Port has two stadiums behind their high school. Blakeslee Field, most commonly used for football, can also be used for soccer and lacrosse. It is a synthetic artificial grass turf field. Next to Blakeslee Field is Elia Stadium, which is a full size soccer field. Both stadiums have four large sections of bleachers. In the Lew-Port High School, there is a full size gymnasium in which they hold boys and girls Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball, and wrestling matches. There is also a pool which can hold swim meets. Behind the middle school there are two baseball diamonds and two softball diamonds for J.V. and Varsity baseball and softball.


The school district offers transportation to/from students home to school in the form of school buses, operated by Ransomville Bus Lines. Students are permitted to be driven to school by their parents. Additionally, eleventh and twelfth grade students may drive to school if they have a New York State license and permission by the school.

Lew-Port Alum Daryl Johnston

Notable alumni[edit]


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