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Lex Plotnikoff
Lex plotnikoff.jpg
Background information
Birth name Alexey Plotnikov
Born 14 June 1982
Moscow, Russia
Genres Alternative metal, progressive metal, video game music, punk rock
Occupation(s) Composer, guitarist, arranger, lyricist, painter, graphic designer
Instruments Guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Years active 2002–present
Labels Aural Music, SPV, CD-Maximum
Associated acts Mechanical Poet
Black Obelisk
Luna Damien
Website palmthief.com
Notable instruments
Schecter Blackjack S-1
Schecter Tempest Custom
Schecter 007 Elite

Alexey Plotnikov (Russian: Алексей Плотников), better known under stage name Lex Plotnikoff, is the Russian composer and guitar player, founder of progressive metal band Mechanical Poet. He is also known as music composer of game soundtracks and painter/graphic designer whose original style and dazzling technique became one of the most noted Mechanical Poet trademarks. Lex is endorsed by Schecter guitars.[1]


Lex started his music career as a guitar player in an alternative band Citi. In 2002 Citi has broken up and Lex has founded Mechanical Poet. The band recorded six albums[2] in very different styles from progressive metal to punk and alternative rock. In 2007 Plotnikoff was offered to compose several soundtracks for video games developed by Akella. He has also taken part in many projects as composer, guitar player, arranger, orchestrator, lyricist, graphic designer, web designer and fashion designer. In 2010 he released his new electronic music work called Hattifatteners roughly based on the Moomin series by Tove Jansson[3] and started an industrial music project Luna Damien with one of the ex-Mechanical Poet singers Jerry Lenin. Lex has also written a book about songwriting.


Mistland Prattlers
  • 2015 - Music of Mistland, Luceria, and the Ocean of Sunset (Bandcamp)[4]
Luna Damien
  • 2011 - Muddlewood
  • 2010 - Stories from the Clay Shore (was distributed through Internet, but later was cancelled due to copyright restrictions and re-released in 2015 with additional tracks and under the title Mistland Prattlers)
Mechanical Poet
  • 2003 - Handmade Essence (Aural Music/SPV)
  • 2004 - Woodland Prattlers (Aural Music/SPV)
  • 2007 - Creepy Tales For Freaky Children (CD-Maximum)
  • 2007 - Who Did It To Michelle Waters? (CD-Maximum)
  • 2008 - Eidoline: The Arrakeen Code (CD-Maximum)
  • 2008 - Ghouls (CD-Maximum)
Umbral Presence
  • 2006 - Caelethi I (Sound Age)
  • 2005 - Lost Consolation (CD-Maximum)
Black Obelisk
  • 2006 - Green Album (CD-Maximum)
  • 2007 - Someday (CD-Maximum)
My Universe
  • 2009 - Infinite Spaces (Infinite)
Videogame Music
  • 2007 - Swashbucklers: Blue Vs Grey (Akella)
  • 2007 - Red Cosmos (Akella)


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