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Lexxe is an internet search engine that applies Natural Language Processing in its semantic search technology. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Hong Liang Qiao, Lexxe is based in Sydney, Australia.

Lexxe launched its Alpha version[1] in 2005, featuring Natural Language question answering (i.e. users could ask questions in English to the search engine apart from keyword searches — this feature has been suspended for redevelopment since 2010).

In 2011, Lexxe launched Beta version [2][3] with a new search technology called Semantic Key. Semantic Keys enable users to query with a conceptual keyword (or a keyword with a special meaning, hence the term Semantic Key) in order to find instances under the concept, e.g. price → $5.95 or €200, color → red, yellow, white. For example, “price: a pound of apples”, “color: ferrari”. With initial 500 Semantic Keys at the Beta launch, Lexxe became the first search engine in the world to offer this unique and useful search technology to the users.

In human communication, Semantic Keys are common in questions and information exchange. Likewise, they could be a useful tool for search engines between users and internet information, particularly when dealing with unstructured data.

Lexxe Beta version also supports normal keyword search.

On June 17, 2015, Lexxe closed down its beta version service. However, there are plans to launch a new Lexxe search engine.[4]


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