Ley (crater)

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Normal ley.jpg
LRO WAC image
Coordinates 42°12′N 154°54′E / 42.2°N 154.9°E / 42.2; 154.9Coordinates: 42°12′N 154°54′E / 42.2°N 154.9°E / 42.2; 154.9
Diameter 79 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 205° at sunrise
Eponym Willy Ley

Ley is a lunar impact crater that is located across the southern rim of the much larger walled plain Campbell. Intruding into the south-southwestern rim of Ley is the slightly larger crater Von Neumann.

The debris from the formation of Von Neumann has produced a bulging rampart that occupies the southwest interior floor of Ley. The outer rim of Ley has undergone impact erosion, and is marked by a number of small craters. The inner wall is also worn, and the interior floor is pock-marked by a number of small craters. There is a small, cup-shaped crater on the floor to the northwest of the midpoint.