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Lezim is a folk dance form, from Maharashtra, India.[1]

Dancers carry a small musical instrument with jingling cymbals called the Lezim, after which the dance form is named.This dance is named after a wooden idiophone to which thin metal discs are fitted which produce a jingling sound and the dancers use this while dancing. Dholki, a drum instrument is used as the main percussion music. It is performed dressed in colourful costumes.[2] The dance is frequently used as a fitness drill by schools, militias and other institutions because it involves many calisthenic moves and can be quite strenuous.[3] Lezim is much a vigorous physical exercise and drill as a dance; the formations are in twos and fours and even in a circle. Lazy Maharashtra, India, from folk dancing is. [1] Dancers dance form which thin metal discs wooden idiophone a jingling sound when the dancer dances which use the walls are then generated and is named after which Lezim named.This dance jingling cymbals called a small musical instrument to carry. Dholki, a drum instrument is used as the main percussion music. This is the start of a colorful dressed in costumes. They include many calisthenic moves and can be quite strenuous because [2] repeatedly school dance, militias and other organizations, is used as a fitness drill. [3] Lezim more vigorous exercise and dance as a drill; Formations twos and fours, and even a circles. Lazy: sports and tools. Both exercise and entertainment purposes Lazy is given. 'Lezama the original campaign was too sabdavaruna Lazy word should be. Its original meaning is wired shut bow. Cause significant changes in terms of the side and has now lejhimica size and weight. Formerly well. 21/2 feet long pole (Reed) took him 2 feet long by an iron chain dhanusyasarakhi create the Lazy. Bamboo should be less flexible, so chain adakavinya Bamboo figures were men and exercise while having chain akadavita. Dhanusyasarakhya the middle of thick bamboo that. Exercises that use heavy lejhimici cable is thick and heavy. Lejhimice various hand made by the industry, the strength of having a good hand. This game is a special Maharashtrian aqueducts from the anterior to obtain it is. It is played in Gujarat.

Recent Lazy Su. 38 to 45 cm. (15 to 18 inches) long wooden sauce and the sauce is both punctured koyande scale iron chain link chain. To come to the middle of the four fingers of the hand chain case fits sharply, up to 15 cm. (6 inches) long, straight salaisarakhi iron handle it. Stage in the iron chain, as a patrya nadadhvani creation of two-three cushions are fixed. Lejhimice weight of about 0.78 to 0.90 kg. (13/4 to 2 pounds) is.

This is the type of game lejhimica virile viranrtyacahi. Racanabandha body is found in a variety of nartakance. Nartakasamuhanni Lazy way around turn up to dance, twirl again with different Experts circles racita healed, Donati-caram Ranges, etc. to the mix. All of these activities can be a kind of spontaneity and Doll suffix. If this samuhanrtyanta nartakam of such diverse movements and padan appears. Frolic, squat, bend, etc. Suitable talasurata swing lejhimimadhila a racanabandhakarita rhythmic manner hover move. The movement consists of several nrtyamaya. Lazy talasurata play operation nartakace engaged with both hands, as the movement of the hands are controlled. Lazy dance every move lejhimi thekyasi of accessibility is consistent and nadalayisi. Lazy halagi dance, drums, cymbals, Tasha the band launched their partner on this piece or modern is. All nartakam rhythmical movements and simultaneously it is not the charm production. In fact, rural bases, गणेशोत्सवासारख्या religious processions and public, in a village Jatra, urusa yancyapudhe Lazy playing taphe are seeking. School physical education as a booster has been its inclusion.

Lejhimice Baroda-Lazy (Lazy or Hindi), and endies-Lazy Lazy Valley are three main types. This military-Lazy dvandvance Baroda, holy attacks, defense etc. The original main forms or incarnations is a great learning talathekya to the samanyajananna. Lazy and endies the Valley. - Lazy there are visible and thus more suitable for practical harmonic and collective. Rhythm for rhythm, for a variety of system-akrtim and endies-Lazy Lazy Valley of mixed type can be presented by the best demonstrations. The ninth Asian Games (1982, Delhi) Maharashtra as a symbol of our province the best 400 players lejhimice demonstration was given. Maharashtrian folk dance. Janarya substance used in dance 1 Lazy - approximately one-half inch of wood pole of the stomach, both todanna bandhaleli is a chain. Chain in the chain of iron castanets adakavalelya are. Chain is placed in the middle of catching position. How can the chain would cymbals sound struck one another. 2. halagi - a carmavadya 3. drum - a narrow drum. 4 cymbals - talasarakhe but larger and with a musical pasarata mouth.

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