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Walter "Li'l Wally" Jagiello AKA Władysław Jagiełło, Mały Władziu and Mały Władzio (August 1, 1930 – August 17, 2006) was an American polka musician and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. A self-taught Chemnitzer concertina and drum player, who sang Polish as well as English in many of his songs. His most famous compositions include "Puka Jasiu (Johnny's Knocking)" and "I Wish I Was Single Again". His song "Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox", as recorded by Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers underwent a resurgence in 2005.

Originally starting out at the age of 8 singing with the Eddie Zima Orchestra performing up and down "Polish Broadway" in Chicago, Wally soon struck out on his own and formed his own band "The Happy Harmony Boys". He was a pioneer in the concept of the independent record label, starting his own Jay-Jay Records in 1951 after a brief career recording stint on Columbia Records, at the age of twenty. He was renowned for his drumbeat and slower and more danceable tempo, which became a mainstay of "Chicago Style" Polish polka sound. His arrangements of many popular Polish folk tunes, and many originals as well, are those used today by polka bands all over the United States. His nickname was derived from his short stature (5 foot 6 as an adult), especially during his youth, when he would stand on a picnic table to sing.

The highlight of Jagiello's career was performing for Pope John Paul II in 1984, who requested Wally to continue playing after his initial song, "God Bless Our Polish Pope". The pontiff blessed him after his performance, telling him "God will reward you for all your hard work."

He also appeared several times playing his concertina on The Lawrence Welk Show. He was one of the first two inductees into the International Polka Association's Hall of Fame in 1969. All total, he has collected 17 gold and 4 platinum records.

In his later years, he retired to Miami Beach, Florida, but continued to perform and record and please audiences nationwide. Li'l Wally died on August 17, 2006 in Florida at the age of 76. He was cremated.



Title Hi-Fi Number Stereo Number
America's Favorite Polka and Waltz Band Jay Jay 1001 Jay Jay 5019
Happy Polkas Jay Jay 1002 Jay Jay 5020
New Sound By The Best Around Jay Jay 1003 Jay Jay 5005
Polka Bandstand Favorites Jay Jay 1004 Jay Jay 5038
The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet Jay Jay 1006 Jay Jay 5037
Jolly Polkas Jay Jay 1008 N/A
Old Country Polish Polkas Jay Jay 1010 Jay Jay 5001
Polka Party Jay Jay 1012 Jay Jay 5147
I Love To Polka Jay Jay 1014 Jay Jay 5000
All-American Polkas Jay Jay 1016 Jay Jay 5004
Koledy - Polish Christmas Carols Volume 1 Jay Jay 1017 N/A
Wesoło Do Tańca Jay Jay 1018 Jay Jay 5006
Thanks For A Wonderful Evening Jay Jay 1020 Jay Jay 5008
Koledy - Polish Christmas Carols Volume 2 Jay Jay 1023 Jay Jay 5011
Po Staro Krajsku Jay Jay 1025 N/A
Dance Around The Christmas Tree Jay Jay 1026 Jay Jay 5012
Polkas & Waltzes For Everyone Jay Jay 1027 Jay Jay 5013
Smutku Niema, Gdy Mały Władziu Spiewa Jay Jay 1031 Jay Jay 5017
Hit Parade Jay Jay 1032 Jay Jay 5018
Let's Sing Together Jay Jay 1034 Jay Jay 5022
Beautiful Polka Music Jay Jay 1035 Jay Jay 5023
Songs You've Been Waiting For Jay Jay 1036 Jay Jay 5036
Christmas Time Jay Jay 1039 Jay Jay 5026
Polka Twist Jay Jay 1041 Jay Jay 5028
Polish Polka Twist Jay Jay 1044 Jay Jay 5031
Polish Sing-A-Long #2 Jay Jay 1047 Jay Jay 5034
50/50 Polkas & Waltzes Jay Jay 1050 Jay Jay 5050
Something Different Jay Jay 1052 Jay Jay 5052
Golden Waltzes Jay Jay 1053 Jay Jay 5053
Dancing Fingers featuring Nervous Freddie Jay Jay 1055 Jay Jay 5055
Sing with Me #3 Jay Jay 1056 Jay Jay 5056
Nowe Wesołe Piosenik Ludowe Jay Jay 1057 Jay Jay 5057
Here Comes Li'l Wally Jay Jay 1058 Jay Jay 5058
Polka Stars on Parade Jay Jay 1059 Jay Jay 5059
My Vacation Jay Jay 1064 Jay Jay 5064
Jeszcze Nasza! Jay Jay 1065 Jay Jay 5065
Hot Chicken Jay Jay 1069 Jay Jay 5069
One Man Band Jay Jay 1073 Jay Jay 5073
Polish Party - Adults Only Jay Jay 1077 Jay Jay 5077
Li'l Wally's Greatest! Jay Jay 1078 Jay Jay 5078
Oh Boy, Polka Joy Jay Jay 1079 Jay Jay 5079
A Polka Christmas Jay Jay 1080 Jay Jay 5080
Pieknie Gra Poleczki Od Ucha Jay Jay 1081 Jay Jay 5081
Bartender Song Jay Jay 1086 Jay Jay 5086
Polish Wedding Album Jay Jay 1089 Jay Jay 5089
Spiew I Głos Jay Jay 1091 Jay Jay 5091
Do The Li'l Wally Twirl Jay Jay 1094 Jay Jay 5094
Li'l Wally In Miami Beach Jay Jay 1097 Jay Jay 5097
Nice With Polish Spice Jay Jay 1098 Jay Jay 5098
Live It Up - Zyj Bracie! Po Polsku! Jay Jay 1103 Jay Jay 5103
Sincerely Yours Jay Jay 1104 Jay Jay 5104
Mr. Happy Music Jay Jay 1107 Jay Jay 5107
Polka A Go-Go Jay Jay 1110 Jay Jay 5110
A Tribute To Zima Jay Jay 1112 Jay Jay 5112
Polish Adults Hit Parade Jay Jay 1113 Jay Jay 5113
International Golden Hits N/A Jay Jay 5019
Li'l Wally Sings Po Polsku with Eddie Zima and His Band N/A Jay Jay 5099
Poland Tour N/A Jay Jay 5101
Kolędy Swiąteczne N/A Jay Jay 5105
Kochana Mama Jay Jay 1114 Jay Jay 5114
Li'l Wally Salutes Lawrence Welk N/A Jay Jay 5117
Sing Along No. 4 N/A Jay Jay 5118
There's More To A Wedding N/A Jay Jay 5119
Nowe Piosenki O Weselu (New Polish Wedding Songs) Jay Jay 1120 Jay Jay 5120
Witamy Prezydenta Jay Jay 1121 Jay Jay 5121
Polish Songs For You N/A Jay Jay 5121
Polish Sex N/A Jay Jay 5122
More New Polish Favorites N/A Jay Jay 5123
Polish Sing Along No. 5 N/A Jay Jay 5124
Thank You - Polka Hall of Fame N/A Jay Jay 5127
Polish Carnival Time N/A Jay Jay 5132
Bombs N/A Jay Jay 5133
Unforgettable Hits N/A Jay Jay 5134
Suggestive and Hot N/A Jay Jay 5135
Around The World N/A Jay Jay 5136
Cieple Portki N/A Jay Jay 5137
Stary Kaziu Gra N/A Jay Jay 5138
Polish Hits of the 50s N/A Jay Jay 5141
Polkarama N/A Jay Jay 5142
Li'l Wally in Action N/A Jay Jay 5145
Polka Party With Li'l Wally N/A Jay Jay 5147
Proud To Be An American N/A Jay Jay 5148
America's Greatest Polka Band N/A Jay Jay 5151
Polskie Czucie - Polish Feelings N/A Jay Jay 5153
Nowe Wesołe Piosenki N/A Jay Jay 5158
Li'l Wally Brings Happiness To You N/A Jay Jay 5162-3
All Night with Li'l Wally N/A Jay Jay 5163
Fantasztyczne N/A Jay Jay 5165
National Hits N/A Jay Jay 5164
Fantasztyczne N/A Jay Jay 5165
Jolly Times "Wesole Czasy" N/A Jay Jay 5166
The Best! Co Jest! N/A Jay Jay 5167
Jagiello Sound Vol. 1 N/A Jay Jay 8000
Jagiello Production Vol. 2 N/A Jay Jay 8001
Jagiello Sound Vol. 3 N/A Jay Jay 8002
Christmas Favorites From Poland N/A Jay Jay 8003
Lil Wally in France, Vol. I N/A Jay Jay 8004
Polish Religious Hymns by Li'l Wally and the St. Stanislaus Choral Group N/A Jay Jay S100


Year Titles (A-side, B-side) Label & Catalogue # Album
1955 "Chicago Waltz"
b/w "New Circus Polka" (from New Sound By The Best Around)
Jay Jay 133 Non-album track
"Wish I Was Single Again"
b/w "Ooh-La-La-La Polka"
Jay Jay 145 America's Favorite Polka and Waltz Band
"We Left Our Wives At Home"
b/w "I'm In Love With You Polka" (from America's Favorite Polka and Waltz Band)
Jay Jay 148 New Sound By The Best Around
"Sleigh Bells Waltz"
b/w "Jingle Bells Polka"
Jay Jay 150 Non-album tracks
1956 "Who'd Ya Like To Love Ya"
b/w "Blue Skirt Waltz" (from New Sound By The Best Around)
Jay Jay 154 America's Favorite Polka and Waltz Band
"I'll Never Do It Again"
b/w "Jolly Polly Polka"
Jay Jay 160
"Juz Tego Nie Uczynie (I'll Never Do It Again)"
b/w "Zosia Polka (Sophie Polka)"
Jay Jay 162 Najweselsze Poleczki I Walce W Ameryce
"Jay Jay Hop"
b/w "Bedtime Polka"
Jay Jay 165 Polka Band Stand Favorites
"Just Because Polka"
b/w "Milwaukee's Favorite Waltz"
Jay Jay 166 America's Favorite Polka and Waltz Band
"Lover Give Me A Chance"
b/w "Tick Tock Polka"
Jay Jay 167
1957 "Take Me Baby Polka"
b/w "Barbara Polka"
Jay Jay 168 New Sound By The Best Around
"'You" Waltz" (with The Lucky Harmony Boys Orchestra)
b/w "Play Me A Polka" (from New Sound By The Best Around)
Jay Jay 171 The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet
b/w "Rain Rain"
Jay Jay 173 New Sound By The Best Around
"I Need You Waltz"
b/w "Clarinet Polka" (from New Sound By The Best Around)
Jay Jay 175 The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet
"Live It Up Polka"
b/w "Brown Eyes Polka" (from Polka Band Stand Favorites)
Jay Jay 177
1958 "Oh Mary Ann" (with Ed Lash)
b/w "Fascination" (from Golden Waltzes)
Jay Jay 186 Non-album track
"Whatcha Got Polka"
b/w "I Dream Of Irene" (from The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet)
Jay Jay 191 Non-album track
1959 "Seven Days Without You Polka"
b/w "Tu Lu Lu Waltz"
Jay Jay 197 Polka Party
"Dark Eyes Waltz"
b/w "Chicago Is A Polka Town Polka" (from The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet)
Both sides with the Lucky Harmony Boys
Jay Jay 198 I Love To Polka
"What Is It Polka"
b/w "Squeeze Box Polka"
Jay Jay 201
"She's Too Fat For Me Polka"
b/w "Out With The Boys" (from All American Polkas)
Both sides with The Lucky Harmony Boys
Jay Jay 199 I Love To Polka
"Doodle Doo Doo Polka"
b/w "Love Me Forever Polka" (from The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet)
Jay Jay 203 Non-album track
"My Wife Got Drunk Polka"
b/w "To Be In Love With Someone"
Jay Jay 205 All American Polkas
"Marina Polka"
b/w "Dreaming Of You Waltz" (from All American Polkas)
Jay Jay 208 Non-album tracks
"Happy New Year (Wesolego Nowego Roku)
b/w "Jesus Was Born (Narodzil Sie Jezus)"
Jay Jay 209
1960 "You Are My Sweetheart Now"
b/w "St. Paul Waltz"
Jay Jay 211 All American Polkas
"Joe and Josey Polka"
b/w "Stevens Point Oberek" (from Polka Party)
Jay Jay 213
"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"
b/w "Rosey From Jersey" (from I Love To Polka)
Jay Jay 214
"Nasze Rozlaczenie (Our Break Up Polka)"
b/w "U Mego Tatusia (Daddy's Polka)"
Jay Jay 216 Li'l Wally's Greatest 15 Hits Vol. 1
"Thanks For A Wonderful Evening"
b/w "Helena Polka" (from All American Polkas)
Jay Jay 218
"Old Grey Mare"
b/w "Baby Doll" (from I Love To Polka)
Jay Jay 219 Songs You've Been Waiting For
"I Feel Blue Because Of You (Opowiesc Kochanka)"
b/w "Polonia Grove Polka"
Both sides with The Harmony Boys
Jay Jay 220 Polka Party
"He'll Have To Go"
b/w "Brighton Park Polka"
Jay Jay 221
"My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You"
b/w "Julianna Polka" (from Polka Party)
Jay Jay 225 Polkas & Waltzes For Everyone
"Lovely Girl Polka (Ladna Dziewczyna)"
b/w "Only A Girl" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 226 Live It Up!
"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
b/w "How Lovely Is Christmas"
Jay Jay 228 Dance Around The Christmas Tree
"Auld Lang Syna"
b/w "Dance Around The Christmas Tree"
Jay Jay 229
"Merry Christmas Mom and Dad"
b/w "Oh Christmas Tree"
Jay Jay 230
1961 "Smile Awhile"
b/w "Red Wing" (from All American Polkas)
Both sides with The Lucky Harmony Boys Orchestra
Jay Jay 233
"Kalina W Lesie (Wilted Bush and Angry Love)"
b/w "Siwe Golabisie (Grey Pigeons)" (from Sincerely Yours)
Jay Jay 238 Li'l Wally's Greatest 15 Hits Vol. 1
"Whatever Will Be, Will Be"
b/w "Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine"
Jay Jay 239 Hit Parade By Li'l Wally
"Green Meadow Polka"
b/w "Sad Without You"
Jay Jay 241
"San Antonio Rose"
b/w "Margie"
Jay Jay 245 Hit Parade By Li'l Wally
"Wooden Heart"
b/w "I Have The Blues"
Jay Jay 246 Beautiful Polka Music
"Gleboka Studzienka (Wishing Well)"
b/w "Pragna Oczka Pragna (Naughty Eyes)"
Jay Jay 247 Let's Sing Together With Li'l Wally In Polish!
b/w "Ej Marie" (from Beautiful Polka Music)
Jay Jay 250
"Li'l Wally Polka Twist"
b/w "Twistin' and Turnin' Polka"
Jay Jay 254 Polka Twist
1962 "Jakem Do Dziew Chodzil"
b/w "Zenil Sie Nie Bede" (from Polish Songs For You)
Jay Jay 267
"Chicago Oberek"
b/w "Something New"
Jay Jay 269
"How Can I Forget"
b/w "Happy Cousins Polka"
Jay Jay 279 Something Different
1963 "Johnny's Knockin'"
b/w "Here Comes My Lover"
Jay Jay 283 Nowe Wesole Piosenik Ludowe
"Return To Me" (Przydz Do Mnie)"
b/w "Hay Hay Polka (Siano, Siano)"
Jay Jay 286
"Mosquito Polka (Komara)"
b/w "I Want A Sweetheart (Chce Miec Dziewczyne)"
Jay Jay 287 Nowe Wesole Piosenik Ludowe
"Boy, Oh Boy Polka"
b/w "Night After Night" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 292 Something Different
"Nightingale Polka"
b/w "Night After Night" (from Jagiello Sound Vol. 3)
Jay Jay 294
1964 "Welcome Beatles" (with The Venturas)
B-side by The Venturas: "My Happiness"
Drum Boy 108
1965 "She Likes Kiolbasa"
b/w "Drunk In The Garden"
Jay Jay 304 One Man Band
"Polka Joy"
b/w "No Beer In Heaven"
Jay Jay 306 Oh Boy, Polka Joy!
"One Has My Heart, The Other Has My Name"
b/w "Ee-I-Oh Polka" (from Oh Boy, Polka Joy!)
Jay Jay 313 Bartender Song
"Bartenders Song"
b/w "Balloon" (from Oh Boy, Polka Joy!)
Jay Jay 314
b/w "Goin' To The Fields"
Jay Jay 315
"Don't Be Afraid (Nie Boj sie)"
b/w "Leaving Warsaw (Ide Z Warszawy)" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 319 Bartender Song
"Christmas In Your Heart"
b/w "Hawaiian Christmas"
Drum Boy 115
"Don't Want To Be Alone (Nieche Byc Sam)"
b/w "Loving Girl (Kochana Dziewczyna)"
Jay Jay 328 Spiew I Glos
1966 "Flowers For Mother"
b/w "Time For Love"
Jay Jay 330
"Hot Tamale"
b/w "Li'l Wally Twirl"
Jay Jay 331 Do The Li'l Wally Twirl
"All For Nothing (Wszystko Nadaremnie)"
b/w "Give Her To Me (Dajcie Mi Ja)"
Jay Jay 333 Li'l Wally Sings Po Polsku with Eddie Zima and His Band
"Live Happy (Zyi Wesolo)"
b/w "Vietnam Polka (Do Vietnam)"
Jay Jay 334
"One, Two, Three Happy Melody"
b/w "Drinking Beer" (from My Vacation)
Jay Jay 335
"Sincerely Yours"
b/w "My Dear One" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 336 Sincerely Yours
"Oj Nie Nie Nie"
b/w "Dziewczyna Jak Malina"
Jay Jay 340 Mr. Happy Music
"Johnnie Johnnie"
b/w "Loving Mom"
Jay Jay 343 Non-album tracks
"Mini Skirt"
b/w "Lawrence Welk Polka"
Jay Jay 344 Li'l Wally Salutes Lawrence Welk
"There's More To A Wedding"
b/w "Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye"
Jay Jay 348 There's More To A Wedding
"Need You"
b/w "Your Cheatin' Heart Is Showin'" (Non-album track)
Drum Boy 117 The Polka Beat For Your Dancing Feet
1971 "Hej Ha Um Pa Pa"
b/w "You Get Married, Not Me"
Both tracks with Casey Siewierski
Jay Jay 354
"You Have My Heart"
b/w "Jukebox Cheer"
Jay Jay 356
"Wish I Was Single Again"
b/w "Happy Carnival"
Jay Jay 357
"I Stopped For A Beer"
b/w "Thank You" (from Thank You -- Polka Hall Of Fame)
Jay Jay 360
1972 "Some Of These Days"
b/w "I Thought I'd Never Love Again" (from Bombs)
Jay Jay 362 Unforgettable Hits
"Someday You'll Want Me"
b/w "Italian Song" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 363
"Everybody Loves Somebody"
b/w "Dream"
Jay Jay 364
"Laughing On The Outside"
b/w "You Have It" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 365
"Ta Ra Ra Boom Tiay"
b/w "Blue Skirt" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 369 Bombs
"Now That I'm Single Again"
b/w "Play Play Play" (Non-album track)
Jay Jay 371
"It's So Exciting"
b/w "Polish Spirits"
Both sides with the Lucky Harmony Boys
Jay Jay 377 Non-album tracks
1973 "I Love Jelly Beans"
b/w "Happy Times Polka"
Jay Jay 392


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