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LiLi Roquelin
LiLi Roquelin at the 56th Grammy Awards NYC Official Telecast Red Carpet and Party
Background information
Birth name LiLi Roquelin
Born Toulon, French Riviera, France
Origin New York City, NY, USA
Genres Adult Contemporary Music, Trip-hop, alternative rock
Occupations Singer-songwriter, composer
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar
Years active 2006–present
Associated acts Hate Dies Hard, Phizzy Lager

LiLi Roquelin (born in Toulon, France) is a French-born American adult contemporary music, trip-hop and alternative rock singer, composer and songwriter from Astoria, Queens, New York City. Roquelin is most notable for her songs, "I Saw You", which won Best Music Video at several film festivals,[1] "Blues Alone", "Should you get mad", "Renew", "Keep This For You", "Thank You", "The Only One".


Roquelin grew up in the south of France, learning music from her multi-instrumentalist father when she was four years old. She played several gigs as a teenager, both solo and in various bands. She then left France to pursue a career in the United States when she felt the music education in France was too conservative for her and how the country’s music industry seemed to favor French DJs over live singer-songwriters.[2] She first moved to Cleveland-Akron, Northeast Ohio area and fronted Phizzy Lager[3] and then the hard-rock Kent, Ohio band Hate Dies Hard, and released an album with them entitled Neverending Sundown in 2006.[4]

After the album’s release, Roquelin was introduced to producer Sean Bilovecky (Disengage), who helped to infuse the sounds of trip-hop with her piano compositions. They co-wrote the song, "I Saw You" together, which was later included in her self-titled EP and became a winner for Best Music Video at the Queens Film Festival in November 2008 and Best Music Video at the 2009 Indie Gathering Film Festival.[5] Later that year, Roquelin moved to New York City.

Roquelin recruited Marc Urselli, a three-time Grammy Award winning engineer to mix and master the recordings from her EP and launched an online crowdfunding campaign to help cover the expenses of the EP, a recording of down-tempo, trip-hop songs with Roquelin moving between English and French accompanied by the piano.[6] "Blues Alone" received an Honorable Mention at the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.[7]

Roquelin released a full-length album Will you hate the rest of the world or will you renew your life? and a music video for Should you get mad in February 2010.[8] The video was directed by Arnaud Muller (U2) at RNO Pictures and was in the official selection of ZFF Film Festival (London, Miami, LA).[9] It received the award of 2nd Place for Best Music Video in pop category at the 2010 Indie Gathering Film Festival and Convention.[10] The album also includes a cover of Danny Elfman's “Sally’s Song” (from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas)[11] in French.[12]

Her influences are The Beatles, Radiohead, Noel Gallagher, and Ingrid Michaelson; she has performed at One Penn Plaza in NYC for the 9-11 commemoration,[13] and has played various venues including The Bitter End in NYC.,[14]

Lifetime (TV network)'s Show Dance Moms used Roquelin’s song "Renew" for a dance routine entitled "Sinful" (season 1, episode 9, first air-date 09/07/11).[15] The show used another of her songs "Keep This For You" for a Hunger Games inspired dance routine called "The Huntress" on Dance Moms season 2 episode 17 - Lifetime (TV network) (first aired on 06/26/2012).[16] At the end of June 2012, LiLi Roquelin was working on finishing up her 3rd solo studio album. Her previous records landed her diverse placements in documentaries and films.[17]

LiLi Roquelin released a new album "Beautiful Sun" in December 2012.[18] On January 31st 2013 she premiered the music video for her song “Thank You” which appeared on her YouTube page the next day. There is also a mini-documentary on the making of “Beautiful Sun.”.[19]

As of March 2013 she had received over 500,000 hits on YouTube. Her music on "Beautiful sun" melds the two worlds of adult contemporary and exploratory pop. The songs are described as Blue, jazz-influenced trip-hop (title-track), gritty-guitar progressive arrangement ("Try to remember"), minor key pop song with inflections of the blues ("Don't wait"), recalling the works of Sarah Mclachlan, Kate Bush, Tori Amos. Some of the musicians on "Beautiful Sun" are cellist Christopher Marion, guitarist and bassist Askold Buk (Hayley Westenra, Hugh Masekela).[20] She composed and arranged all of the music on the album and recruited Grammy winning mixing engineer Marc Urselli and Roman Vail, mastering engineer at JLM Mastering Studios (Moby, Sinead O’Connor, The Black Crowes).[21]

Her song "Blues Alone", off her self-titled solo EP (2008), was her third featured track on Lifetime (TV network)'s show Dance Moms ("Return to Grace", season 3 episode 14, first-aired date April 2, 2013) for the main group dance routine. Dance Moms has a strong fan-base and ratings of 2 to 3 million viewers per episode. The album "Beautiful Sun" has gathered media attention, such as The Los Angeles Examiner and a whole page review in East Coast Paper The Aquarian Weekly with her name featured on the cover, and written by award winning music critics John Pfeiffer.[22]

In September 2013 Roquelin was welcomed by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The GRAMMYs) as a Voting Member. On September 26th 2013, LiLi Roquelin was invited to perform God Bless America at a corporate event at the elegant Terrace on the Park in New York City. Six-hundred people attended, including NY1, WNYW FOX5, New York Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota and more. [23]

On November 21st 2013 she premiered her new music video for "The Only One" at a Music & Film event that she presented.[24] It is a One shot (music video) where Roquelin walks down a path while various men appear around her. At the end of the video, the guy she runs into turns out to be ‘The One’.[25] It was directed by Kyle Lavore who has worked on films like The Amazing Spider-Man and Men in Black III. "The Only One" is Track number 5 on album "Beautiful Sun", a Rock song with alternative guitars, inspired in part by her past Rock music experience. [26]



  • Neverending Sundown (with Hate Dies Hard) (2006)
  • Will you hate the rest of the world or will you renew your life? (2010)
  • Beautiful Sun (2012)


  • LiLi Roquelin (2008)
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  • "I Saw You" (2008)
  • "Blues Alone" (2009)
  • "Should You Get Mad" (2010)
  • "Renew" (2011)
  • "Keep This For You" (2012)
  • "Thank You" (2013)
  • "The Only One" (2013)


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