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Li Chen
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Lǐ Chén
[lì ʈʂʰə̌n]
Origin China
Born (1978-11-24) November 24, 1978 (age 38)
Beijing, China
Occupation Actor and Singer
Label(s) Huayi Brothers
Years active 1997–present
Partner(s) Fan Bing Bing

Li Chen (born November 24, 1978), is a Chinese actor. He became familiar to audiences in 1997 as Jian Ning, a young, energetic and pure boy he played in 十七岁不哭. Impressing people with his performances in 士兵突击, Aftershock (film) and 生死线, Li Chen received wide recognition.[1]

Nicknames from Hurry Up, Brother[edit]

  • Black Bull

Work experience[edit]

In 1997 Li, a 19-year-old freshman acting major, was chosen to be the main character JianNing in a TV series 十七岁不哭. His performance remained on people's minds.[2] In 1998, Li acted the part of Mei Ying in 刑警本色.

In 2004, 危情24小时 was created specially for Li. Li played an intelligent, capable and experienced anti-terrorism policeman.[3] In 2009, in Aftershock he played Fang Da. An audience said that Fang Da was the only one who affected the audience.



Year Title Role Notes
1998年 岁岁平安 Zhao Gen
2006 Assembly
Liu Golden Rooster Awards for Best Story
Hong Kong Film Award for Best Asia Film
Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Story
2007 Ultimate Rescue
Liu Wu Nominated – Emmy Awards for Best Actress
Shanghai International Film Festival for 电影频道最具潜力男新人奖
2009 Aftershock
Fang Da Asia Pacific Film Festival for Best Film
Golden Rooster Awards for Best Story
2010 The Founding of a Party
Zhang Guotao 张国焘
Love on Lushan Mountain
Ma Jiang
2011 Love is Not Blind
2012 风和日丽
Liu Shi Jun
2013 Saving General Yang
Yang Yanhui 楊延輝
2014 Breakup Buddies
2015 The Empress of China
Li Mu TV drama
Hurry Up Brother Film
Let's Get Married
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe
2016 MBA Partners
When Larry Met Mary


Year Title Role Notes
1997 17 Years Don't Cry
1998 Working Diary
2001 Never Turn Back
2004 Dangerous Situation 24 Hours
2009 Life and Dead Line
2010 Bad Fate
Shrimp Ball Biography
2011 Beijing Love Story Wu Di
My Special Girlfriend
Glorious Weather
2012 Beijing Youth
The Good Fellas
Hot Girls
2013 Straw Hat Police
Angel Is Coming
Diors Man 2
No Fighting in Beijing
Love is Not Blind
Longmen Express
The Distance to Love
2014 Married Love
Good Man
Dream Girl
The Empress of China Li Mu
Boys to Men
Cosmetology High
2015 City of Angels
Three Dads
Xiucai Encountered Soldiers
2017 The Advisors Alliance Cao Pi


Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2011 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Guest- 26/3/11, 10/9/11
A Date with Luyu 鲁豫有约 Guest
2012 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Guest- 27/10/12
2013 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Guest- 2/3/13
2014 Bigshot Guest
2014–present Hurry Up, Brother 奔跑吧兄弟 Member
2015 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Guest- 28/3/15
Dad is Back 爸爸回来了 Member
Challenger's Alliance 挑战者联盟 Member
2016 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Guest- 30/4/16
Ace vs Ace 王牌对王牌 Guest
Challenger's Alliance 2 挑战者联盟 Member
2017 Ace vs Ace 2 王牌对王牌 2 Guest

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Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2008 2008 Shanghai International Film Festival - Press Prize Best New Actor Ultimate Rescue Won
2009 47th International Emmy Awards (2009) Best Performance by an Actor Nominated
2010 2010 QQ Entertainment Awards Most Improved Movie Artist Won
5th Hua Ding Awards (2010) Top 10 New Spirit Artist Won
2010 China Fashion Awards Style Figure Won
2010 BQ Celebrity Score Awards Favorite Actor Nominated
2010 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Summer Breakthrough Actor Won
2010 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Summer Most Charming Actor Nominated
2011 2011 TV Drama Awards Favorite Actor: Mainland Pinwheel Nominated
2011 Enlight Entertainment Awards Movie Leaping Award Won
2011 BQ Celebrity Score Awards Favorite Actor Nominated
2011 Sohu TV Drama Awards Best Actor Nominated
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Autumn Jury Recommended Actor Won
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Autumn Best Screen Couple (with Huo Siyan) Nominated
2012 Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actor Aftershock Nominated
Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actor Yang Shanzhou Nominated
2012 Sina Web Festival Most Popular Lovers (with Viann Zhang) Won
8th Hua Ding Awards (2012) Best TV Actor Beijing Youth Nominated
8th Hua Ding Awards (2012) Best TV Actor: Idol Beijing Youth Won
2012 TV Drama Awards Favorite Actor: Mainland Beijing Love Story Nominated
2012 TV Drama Awards TV Drama Figure (with Ma Su) Won
2012 LeTV Awards Most Appeal TV Actor Won
2012 BQ Celebrity Score Awards Favorite Actor Nominated
2012 China TV Audience Festival Favorite Artist Nominated
2012 Sohu TV Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor Nominated
2012 Sohu Fashion Awards Best Male Fashion Star Won
2012 CCTV Chinese TV Star Awards Media Special Recommended Award Won
2013 2013 Asian Idol Awards Media Attention Award Won
2013 China Image Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Saving General Yang Nominated
2013 BQ Celebrity Score Awards Favorite Actor Nominated
2013 Beijing TV Drama Awards Most Potential Actor Won
2014 2014 Asia Rainbow TV Awards Best Actor Award Nominated
2014 National Top Ten TV Awards Top TV Actor Won
2015 2015 Sina Web Festival Excellent Public Figure Won
2015 TV Drama Awards Special Contribution Figure Won
2015 Asian Influence Awards Asian Influence Power Won
2015 Chinese TV Good Actor Selection Best Actor: Green Nominated
2015 TV Star Power List Best TV Star Won
2015 Reality Show Star Power List Best Reality Show Star Won
2016 2016 Beijing Student Film Festival Favourite Actor MBA Partners Won
18th Hua Ding Awards (2016) Best TV Actor Won


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