Li Dawei

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LI Dawei (李大卫)
Born 1963
Beijing, China
Occupation Novelist
Genre Essay, short stories, novel

Li Dawei is a Chinese writer born in 1963r. He began writing poetry at age 17, and in 1985 graduated from Beijing Normal University with a degree in English.[1] Two years later, he made his first visit to the United States, to attend Creative Writers Program sponsored by U.S. Information agency.[citation needed] Since 1987, he has been publishing theoretical works about art and literature and in 1997, he published his first novel, Dream Collector, which is centred with a young musician and a talking cat that is later converted into a cartoon star. He won Select Short Stories Monthly prize in 1996 and, in 1997, was short-listed for Lu Xun Literary Prize, China's arguably highest award for literature. He was given October Prize in 2000. He currently resides in Los Angeles. He is also a columnist for Caijing Magazine [1]

His novel Love, Revolution, And How Tomcat Haohao Goes To Hollywood was published by Knaus Publishing House, in Munich, in 2009. He currently divides his time between Beijing and New York.[citation needed]



  • 念珠·击壤 (Lijiang Publishing House, 1987)
  • 集梦爱好者 (Dream Collector; Authors' Publishing House, 1997)
  • China Wenxueshi Building oder: Heimatstraße West 2a, published in Das Leben ist jetzt;Suhrkamp Publishing House, Frankfurt 2003
  • 卡通猫的美国梦 (A Cartoon Cat's American Dream; Shandong Literary Publishing House, 2005)[2]
  • China Wenxueshi Building - via Jia Yuan Ovest 2, published in Cina - Undici scrittori della rivoluzione pop; Gruppo Editoriale il Saggiatore S.p.A., Milano 2006

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