Li Feng (Cao Wei)

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Li Feng
Prefect of the Palace Writers (中書令)
In office
251 (251) – 254 (254)
Monarch Cao Fang
Supervisor of the Masters of Writing (尚書僕射)
In office
c. 240s (c. 240s) – 251 (251)
Monarch Cao Fang
Palace Attendant (侍中)
In office
c. 240s (c. 240s) – 251 (251)
Monarch Cao Fang
Personal details
Born Unknown
Dali County, Shaanxi
Died 254
Luoyang, Henan
  • Li Yi (brother)
  • Li Wei (brother)
Father Li Yi
Occupation Official
Courtesy name Anguo (安國)

Li Feng (died 254), courtesy name Anguo, was an official of the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was a trusted official of the third Wei emperor Cao Fang, and did not follow the regent Sima Shi's wishes.

In 254, in company with Xiahou Xuan and Zhang Ji (張緝), he plotted to kill Sima Shi. However, Sima Shi sensed their scheme and summoned Li Feng to meet him in the palace, where he interrogated Li Feng and killed him. He was then accused of treason and his family members were executed as well.[1]


Li Feng's father, Li Yi (李義), previously served as Minister of the Guards (衛尉) in the Cao Wei state.

Li Feng's first son, Li Tao (李韜), married the First Princess of Qi (齊長公主), a daughter of the second Wei emperor Cao Rui. Li Feng's daughter, Li Wan (李婉), married Jia Chong but was sentenced to exile after her father's downfall.

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