Li Ming Hu

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Li Ming Hu
Born 22 June 1987
New Zealand
Occupation Actress

Li Ming Hu is a New Zealand born actress who is of Chinese descent. Best known for her roles as Dr. Li Mei Chen in Shortland Street from 2003-2006. Gemma in Power Rangers RPM. Alice in the 2010 film Kawa. Xena: Warrior Princess. Lisa Fong in Take 3. She starred as herself in Treasure Island.


Since 2003, She has become known for her role as Li Mei Chen in New Zealand's popular TV show, Shortland Street, in which she portrays a young, beautiful and intelligent doctor who strives to be the best there is in Shortland Street's medical facility. Her character, however, seems to be somewhat disliked (in the show, that is) as she has a tendency to be rude to those who she doesn't consider to be important, which hasn't won her many friends. In the real life however, she is perhaps one of the most liked by fans, despite being depicted as "cruel and mean".[citation needed]

After Shortland Street[edit]

Apart from her significant role on Shortland Street, she has also appeared in other New Zealand TV shows such as Spin Doctors, Max TV and even Xena: Warrior Princess. These roles, however, didn't last for very long. However, it wouldn't take long for her to be cast into Shortland Street.

Acting has always been her longtime passion and she has on many occasions participated in school plays. However, Li Ming also found success in other areas of life - in addition to being a talented actress, she is also a talented musician and has her own band named The Tokey Tones (which has found success in New Zealand, with the release of the album Caterpillar and Butterfly being met with much critical acclaim). She also graduated with honours from the University of Auckland, from which she has a Masters degree in History. While completing her masters, Li Ming was also a tutor in the history department of the university.

After a 3 year run on Shortland Street as one of the show's popular and well known characters, Li Ming's character Li Mei Chen died after a deadly virus she had contracted. Her most recent role is Gemma, Ranger Operator Series Silver, in Power Rangers: RPM.

Currently, she lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is featured in a Trident Sweet Chilli Sauce television commercial.

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