Li Shuwen

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Li Shuwen

Li Shuwen (Chinese: 李书文) (1864–1934) was a master practitioner of the Chinese martial art of Bajiquan. He was known as "God Spear Li" (神槍李).[1] His prowess was said to be enough that he boasted that he did not have to strike the same opponent twice.[2] He was a martial arts adviser of Fu Zhensong, notably once fighting him to a draw.[3] Li's students eventually became personal bodyguards for Mao Zedong, Chiang Kai-shek, and Henry Pu-Yi.[3]

In fiction[edit]

Li Shuwen is depicted as an "Assassin-class" character in the video game Fate/Extra[4] and as a "Lancer-class" in Fate/Grand Order. The Japanese manga "Kenji" depicted Li Shuwen according to numerous accounts from various sources, notably from Li Shuwen's last student Liu Yunqiao.


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