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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Li (李).
Li Yuchun
Chris Lee
Li Yuchun Cannes 2015.jpg
Background information
Chinese name 李宇春
Pinyin Lǐ Yǔchūn (Mandarin)
Origin Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Born (1984-03-10) March 10, 1984 (age 32)
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Other name(s) Chris Lee, Chun Chun
Occupation Singer, songwriter, actress, director
Genre(s) Mandopop
Instrument(s) guitar, drum set, piano, Micro KORG, ukulele
Voice type(s) mezzo-soprano
Label(s) Record Label(s):
Taihe Rye Music (2005-2009)
EE-Media (2011–2015)
Yellow Stone (2015-present)
Manage Label(s):
EE-Media (2005–2015)
Li Yuchun studio/Yellow Stone (2015-present)
Years active 2005–present

Li Yuchun (Chinese: 李宇春; pinyin: Lǐ Yǔchūn), also known as Chris Lee, is a Chinese singer, songwriter, actress, director, fashion icon and philanthropist, (born March 10, 1984, Chengdu, China), who became one of the country’s top pop stars after winning a nationally televised talent contest in 2005.[1] She subsequently released 52 top singles.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Li (who calls herself Chris Lee or Chris Li in English) was born and raised in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in southern China. The daughter of a railway policeman and a housewife, she received no formal musical training while growing up but put on stage performances for her schoolmates. Li’s parents did not encourage her singing ambition but supported her in a successful quest to enter the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Chengdu, which she attended in 2002–06.[3]

In 2005, while Li was still a student, she entered the Super Girl, a nationwide females-only competition similar to the show American Idol in the United States. She was one of some 150,000 aspirants initially. Li captivated and won over audiences with her iconoclastic boyish looks and passionate delivery. By the final night of the competition, an estimated 400 million viewers were tuned into the show as Li beat out her closest opponent by more than a quarter of a million votes.[4][5]


Li recorded and released her first studio album, Huang Hou Yu Meng Xiang (皇后与梦想/The Queen and the Dreams), in September 2006, and more discs followed, including her self-titled Li Yuchun (李宇春同名专辑/ Chris Lee) in 2009 and Hui Tiao Wu De Wen Yi Qing Nian (会跳舞的文艺青年/The Literary Youth Who Can Dance) in 2011. [6] Her 2006 first album The Queen and Dreams reached sales of 1.37 million. Since her debut, she has released 8 top-selling albums and 4 films. To date, she has had 56 hit singles on Chinese Music Billboard.

Her concerts were wildly popular and included several annual shows titled “Why Me” which were staged to thank her fans. Many of those fans referred to themselves as “corns,” a play on the Chinese Yumi, one set of characters meaning “Yu’s fans” and the other “corn” (i.e., maize).

Her popularity soon spread beyond China, as indicated by the nod MTV gave her at MTV Asia Awards 2008, where she was named favorite artist from China, and by the enthusiastic reception she received while performing at the 2009 Asia Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea.It was not until 2009 that she started writing songs and realized what kind of music she liked.

In 2013 Li won in the worldwide act category at the MTV European Music Awards (EMA), another indication of the extent of her international appeal. [7]

In 2015, Li had a new collaboration with the U.K. electronic collective PC Music, and shared a new double-sided single "Only You/Real Love".She's the first artist not associated with PC Music to release their music through their label.[8] The track was produced by A.G. Cook, and Li wrote the Chinese lyrics, particularly for Only You which translates roughly as “I Miss You, Bastard (混蛋,我想你)”.[9] They also took a double-sided music video.[10]

The album"Growing Wild" in 2016, displayed Li's ambition of being different. Li broke with tradition by separating the new album into four EPs. She invited producers she had never worked with before,like Hsia Yu, Wyman Wong and Chen Weilun which brought surprise and inspiration throughout the making of the album. The first EP, Wild, sold 3 million copies in 16 days after it was released in May of last year. The three other EPs were then released within six months, with total sales of more than 6.5 million copies, grossing over 32.8 million yuan ($4.73 million) in 2016.[11] According to Andy Wai Lam Ng, the vice-president of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Growing Wild achieved China's highest digital music sales since the company released the first Chinese digital album in December 2014. [12] Li Yuchun became the most popular singer in 2016 on Toutiao, China's major news and information app for mobile devices,which daily attracts about 1.27 billion clicks on Videos, and 230 million of them are relevant to entertainment.[13]In support of the new album, Li launched a national tour, entitled Growing Wild, which visited five cities around China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Nanjing and Chongqing, attracting more than 50,000 fans.[14][15]

Chanel and i-D has teamed up with digital artist Lucy Hardcastle to create "Intangible Matter" which inspired by Chanel’s N°5 and complement the interactive space, a soundtrack called “Xiaoya · Blossoming Flowers / 小雅·裳裳者华” was created by producer Fatima Al Qadiri featuring Li Yuchun. The song name refers to a poem from The Classic of Poetry, China’s oldest collection of verses and a mainstay of traditional Chinese education, reinterpreted here for a new generation.[16]


In 2009 Li’s career took another turn when, in her first-ever acting experience, she landed a major role in the 2009 Hong Kong-produced film Bodyguards and Assassins (十月围城/Shiyue weicheng). In it she plays a young Kung fu expert who, in 1906, helps protect revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen from would-be assassins sent by the Chinese imperial government. Li’s performance earned her two nominations (for Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress and Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer) from the judges for the 2010 Hong Kong Film Award. In addition, the film’s theme song, “Fenmo” (“Dust”), which she had sung for the film, was nominated for Best Original Film Song. Although neither Li nor the song won, this recognition of her acting talent only further enhanced her position at the top of the Chinese pop music world. Li also had significant roles in the action films The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011; 龙门飞甲/Longmen feija), The Guillotines (2012; 血滴子Xuedizi) and From Vegas to Macau III (2016;澳门风云3).[17]


Li went on to gain worldwide recognition when she was announced as the winner of the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Worldwide Act. This award cemented Li’s role in the fashion industry. Li began attending fashion shows for luxury brands including Chanel and Balenciaga, following this award. Her success has drawn a significant amount of interest from the commercial world, signing deals with the likes of Coca-Cola and L'Oréal Paris.[18][19]

International fashion designers have been gravitating toward the star since 2012, when the Chengdu native began inviting some of the biggest names to create the costumes for her annual ‘Why Me?’ concert tour.[20] The wardrobe for "Crazy World Tour” in 2012 is a creation by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.[21] Li wears custom made outfits by Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci for her tour in 2013.[22] Tisci created a set of five looks for the various sections of her show.[23][24] Fendi Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld leading his team, Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci, Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott, Gareth Pugh designs for Chris Lee her costumes for 10 Year Anniversary Why Me Concert in 2015.[25]

In 2016, at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival, Li made a sensation on the red carpet wearing a huge black vinyl dress by French couturier Julien Fournié. In the previous edition, she was pictured at the same event in a complete look by Jean Paul Gaultier ’s Spring 2015 Couture collection.[26] Karl Lagerfeld has shot her for “The Little Black Jacket” book in 2013.[27]

She stars in Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign by Riccardo Tisci[28] and picked as One of Business of Fashion's 500 Global Fashion Leaders in 2015.[29]

Li was announced the ambassador for Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry in Asia in Jun 2016.[30]




List of Li Yuchun Singles

Concert Tours[edit]


  • Why Me (2006-2015)
  • The Queen and Dreams (2006)
  • Unplugged Shanghai Concert(2006)
  • Mine Tour (2007)
  • AMo (2009)
  • Crazy World Tour (2012)
  • Growing Wild Tour (2016)



Chinese names in the notes field

Releasing Year Movies Role Executive Producer/Director Annual Ranking Notes
2009 Bodyguards and Assassins
Fang Hong
An orphan in the unrested society in the late Qing Dynasty (Heroine)
Peter Chan / Teddy Chan
(陈可辛/ 陈德森)
The first in the rank of Movies for Chinese New Year
The second movie in the year
Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song [32]
2010 Prologue
Li Yuchun
the vice director (Heroine)
Andrew Lau
Created an Asian record Prologue is the first Asian musical movie publicly showedin the cinema, with a duration of 15 minutes.[34]
2011 The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
Gu Shaotang
a killer but chivalrous heroine in Ming dynasty (one of the leading actresses)
Tsui Hark, Nansun Shi/ Tsui Hark
(徐克, 施南生/ 徐克)
The Second in the rank of Movies for Chinese New Year
The second movie in the year
2012 The Guillotines
Guaerjia Musen
the first female member in the guillotines team (Heroine)
Peter Chan / Andrew Lau
2016 From Vegas to Macau III
Ko Fei
God of Gamblers - Ko Chun’s younger cousin (Heroine)
Wong Jing ,Andrew Lau, Connie Wong / Andrew Lau, Wong Jing
(刘伟强, 王晶, 王雅琳/ 刘伟强, 王晶)
2018 Monster Hunt 2

[35] [36]


Chinese names in the notes field

Modern Drama Role Director 2013 Asia-Pacific tour
A Dream Like A Dream
A doctor named Yan Xiaomei (严小梅) (female leading role)[38] Stan Lai
Beijing(Apr. 1st - 14th )
Wuzhen(May 9–11 )
Shanghai(Jun. 10th - 23rd )
Taipei( Agu. 19th - Sep. 1st )
Shenzhen (Sep. 23rd -Sep. 29th )
Singapore (Feb. 6th -9th, 2014)



Yùmǐ Love Fund[edit]

Yùmǐ Love Fund,also translated as "LIYUCHUN Fans Charity Fund " is a special purpose fund of the China Red Cross Foundation (CRCF).[40] CRCF invited Li Yuchun to become the ambassador of its “Little Angel Fund” on December 29, 2005.[41] By March 2006, CRCF had already received over $62,000 donation from “Yùmǐ”, fans of Li Yuchun, into the Little Angel Fund. Proposed by “Yùmǐ ” and supported by Li Yuchun, a new “Yùmǐ Love Fund” (the “Fund”) was established under CRCF. It was China’s first special purpose fund named after and donated by a fans group. In 2006 the songstress was appointed ambassador of the Yùmǐ Love Fund by the CRCF and her public support of the cause has helped its donations rocket. By March 2016, the total amount of donations received had exceeded $1.86 million.[42] All donations from “Yùmǐ ” in China would go to the “Yùmǐ Love Fund” starting from March 19, 2006, earmarked for purposes set by the Fund. CRCF publishes the Fund’s current status of donation and funds deployment through media from time to time, accepts annual audit, and is subject to public scrutiny from media and “Yumi.”[43] By September 2015, the Fund had received over 58,000 donations. The Fund has paid for the rehabilitation training for 131 hearing-impaired children and funded treatment for 33 children with severe diseases and financial difficulty. It has helped build five community clinics in Anhui, Sichuan, Gansu and Henan Provinces and one community health center. It funded the reconstruction of a village and a school after earthquakes.[44]The Fund has also responded to natural disasters, including the Lushan Earthquake, Ludian Earthquake and Sichuan Flood, with 4,000 family emergency kits to those in the affected areas.[45] [46] Fans of singer Li Yuchun have donated 1 million yuan ($146,500) through their Yumi Love Fund to the county.[47][48]


As World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s Earth Hour Ambassadors in 2012, Li Yuchun made her own environmental promises and called on her fans to make their own changes for the planet.[49]

Since witnessing the majestic elephants on a safari trip to Africa, Li Yuchun has made it her personal mission to speak up against elephant poaching and the ivory trade—the root cause of the slaughter in a public Service Announcement (PSA) by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). [50]

Li Yuchun is the M.A.C AIDS Fund China Ambassador. M.A.C has been supporting UNICEF China's Youth Ambassadors Programme which aims to empower youth to learn the facts on AIDS, share knowledge with friends and family, and care for children affected by AIDS.[51]Li Yuchun attended amfAR’s 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala in 2015.[52]

Original Works[edit]

Song Writer[edit]

Chinese song titles in the notes field [53]

Written by Li Yuchun Lyrics Composition Album
Poor studen(差生) Youth of China (少年中國)
Why Me Theme Song for WhyMe Chris Lee Concert
See u Next Crossing(下個,路口,見)
Frequent Flyer(常旅客)
Piece by Piece(一點一點)
The Little Universe(小宇宙)
Seeking Everywhere(千域千尋) Chris Lee
Impossible Voice(不可能的聲音) Promotional Song for Caring Hearing-disabled Children(中國聽障兒童關愛宣傳曲)
The Dancing Literary Youth(會跳舞的文藝青年)
Out of Mind(失心瘋)
Sorry, I’m just Missing You Now(對不起,只是突然很想你)
Drowning Fish(淹死的魚)
Into a Play(入戲)
Planless Trip(沒有計劃的旅行) The Dancing Literary Youth(會跳舞的文藝青年)
Old if not wild(再不瘋狂我們就老了)
say goodbye
Moon on the Sea(海上的月亮)
At that Moment(當時)
Burning Life(似火年華) Old if not wild(再不瘋狂我們就老了)
A Magical Encounter 1987(1987我不知會遇見你)
Dance to the Music
The Goddess Bible(女神經)
This Unfeeling World(冷暖)
Rock Heart
Cool(酷) A Magical Encounter 1987(1987我不知會遇見你)
Real Love(Chinese version)(愛有引力)
Only You (Chinese version)(混蛋,我想你)
Real Love/ Only You
So what(那又怎樣)
Magical Show Fig(無花果) Growing Wild(野蠻生長)


Chinese song titles in the notes field [54]

Type Name
MV Youth of China (少年中国)
Xiucai Hutong (秀才胡同)
Poor Student (差生)
Amo (阿么)
See u next crossing (下个,路口,见)
Concert 2006 Chengdu Chris Lee‘Why Me ’Concert
2006 Shanghai Chris Lee Unplugged Concert
2007 Beijing Chris Lee‘Why Me’ Concert
2008 Shanghai Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2009 Guangzhou Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2009 Beijing Amo Chris Lee Concert
2010 Nanjing Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2011 Wuhan Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2012 Shenzhen Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2013 Qingdao/Shanghai Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2014 Dalian Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert
2015 Chengdu Chris Lee‘Why Me’Concert

Awards and achievements[edit]

International Music Awards[edit]

Awards Anniversary Significance
2014 World Music Awards for World's Best Selling Chinese Artist[55] The 22nd The first winner for this award form China; breaking the monopoly of singers from Taiwan
2013 MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Worldwide Act The 20th ceremony The first Asian female singer who has won this award, breaking the record of Chinese singers’ achievements in MTV music awards.
2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Asian Artiste 2012 The only winner from China that year; and gained the highest search volume in naver which has 80% search share in South Korea.[56]
MTV Asia Awards 2008 for the Favorite Artiste China (the top award)[57] The 6th The only prize winner from China that year.
Asia Song Festival for Best Asian Singer (the top award)[58] The 6th The only prize winner from China that year; and gained the highest search volume in naver which has 80% search share in South Korea
2010 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards for Best Nationwide Female Singer The 33rd The first winner for this award form China; breaking the monopoly of singers from Hong Kong
Global Chinese Music Awards for the Favorite Female Singer (the top award) The 9th The first winner for this award form China; breaking the monopoly of singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas
Channel V Chinese Music Awards(CMA) for the Favorite Female Singer and for Best Female Singer The 14th, 15th, 16th for the Favorite Singer and 17thfor Best Singer The first winner for this award form China since its relaumch; the record-holder of the top award[59]
Singapore Hit Awards 2007 for the Favorite Artiste China[60] The 13th The first winner from China at overseas professional music awards

Public image[edit]

Media Evaluation
TIME (America) Li Yuchun is the new heroine of Asia.(first time)[61][62] Li Yuchun is one of the few singers in China who can rival with HK &Taiwan singers.(second time)[63]
BBC (U.K.) The public don’t like politicians or mayors. They want to see the representative of Chinese new culture and young people. Li Yuchun is the best presentation of Chinese popular music culture.[64]
NPR (America) Through observing Li Yuchun’s music development process, we can see the positive attitude and efforts of Chinese young generation.[65]
Le Point (France) Li Yuchun is one of the 20 most beautiful people of Asia.[66]
Stern (magazine) (German) Li Yuchun has become the symbol of Chinese popular culture for foreign media.[67]
Time Out (magazine) (U.K.) Li Yuchun is the icon of China’s entertainment development. She is so charming that our staff is attracted by her at first sight. Her star quality can fascinate anyone.[68]
Glamour (U.K.) Chinese singer Li Yuchun has become an outstanding female with international influence. She is invited to sing the theme song Green of Greenpeace International to influence the public with music power.[69]
Asian Economic Daily (South Korea) Li Yuchun, a national singer from China, has unique charm. Her performance is full of superstar’s glamour.
SBS (South Korea) As the most popular female singer, Li Yuchun brings fresh changes to China.
Asia PoP (Japan) Li Yuchun is the most famous female singer in China. Actually, she is smart, calm and always keeps one posture: low voice, composure, dressed in black and white, very cool.[70]
China Newsweek ( China ) Li Yuchun is a real public star elected by Chinese people ‘s spontaneous votes. She is a symbol of China’s new entertainment era. She is the unique idol and the most influential figure of in the past ten years’ Chinese culture and art.[71]

Focus of fashion[edit]

  1. World’s Outstanding Women[72]
  2. Top 50 most beautiful people in China [73]
  3. "Most Influential Female Award" in the Celebration of China's 60th Anniversary[74]
  4. Most Stylish Singer of the Year 2010[75]
  5. Fashionable glamorous female model of the year 2013[76]



Lee's "success has drawn a significant amount of interest from the commercial world, signing deals with the likes of Coca-Cola and L'Oréal Paris.[77]" She has also appeared in a campaign for Tiffany & Co.[78] – the video advertisement garnered roughly 500,000 views upon its debut on Chinese video site, Youku. The Chinese style also served as a brand ambassador for Italian design house, Versace, some time ago. Her appeal to these brands is not surprising, since the hottest accessory for brands right now is a celebrity with massive selling power. Moreover, her androgynous look has also been a source of appeal for many fashion houses, including Givenchy.[79] Today, in Asia, anything the Chinese singer, actress and fashion muse Li Yuchun wears sells out immediately.[80]

Product Endorsements[edit]

Year Brand Note
2005 Swatch First Asian promotion ambassador [81]
2006 Coca-Cola First singer spokesperson in China [82]
2006 Crest Cool White’ Series [83]
2009 Herbal Essence First spokesperson in Asia [84]
2010 Disney Fantasy Online First global spokesperson[85]
2012 L'Oréal Paris Deeply Skin Care,Super Liner Blackbuster [86]
2015 Givenchy FW 2015 [87][88]
2016 1.Gucci


1.the ambassador for Timepieces and Jewelry in Asia.[89] 2.ambassador for KFC China


Yùmǐ (玉米) means corn in Chinese. But ever since the year 2005, it is also the nickname for the fans of the legendary Chinese singer Li Yuchun, as “Yù” (“玉”) in Chinese is pronounced the same as “Yǔ” (“宇”) in Li’s name, and “mǐ ”(“米”) is the homonym for fans (“mí”, “迷”). Yùmǐ is known in China for their large population that covers people of all ages from all walks of life. In the 2005 finals of Super Girls talent show where the 21-year-old Li took off her career as a singer, she was crowned as champion with a vote count of 3.52 million. [90]

In 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, Li gathered a vote count of over 100 million in a three-round poll, winning the Best Worldwide Act.[91]

Yùmǐ as a group are also adamant supporters for Li’s music. Every single one of Li’s seven albums so far has been a best-seller of the year, literally, the best, seller. It is a known phenomenon in China that it is extremely hard to get a ticket for Li’s concert, as the supply always falls short of demands. On Sep.26 2015,over 33,000 audience on site with 4,980,000 online and 21,500 in 10 cinemas watched her tenth WhyMe Concert.[92][93]

Ever since her debut,there has been no official fan club for Yùmǐ, and all their conducts are voluntary.


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