Li zite 'ngalera

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Li zite 'ngalera (The Newlyweds on the Galley)[1] is a commedia per musica in three acts by the Italian composer Leonardo Vinci. The libretto, by Bernardo Saddumene, is written in Neapolitan dialect. The opera was first performed at the Teatro dei Fiorentini, Naples on 3 January 1722.


Cast Voice type Premiere cast
Ciomma soprano Rosa Cirillo
Federico Mariani tenor
Belluccia soprano Ippolita Costa
Ciccariello soprano (en travesti)
Carlo soprano (en travesti) Giacomina Ferrari
Titta contralto Filippo Calandra
Rapisto bass Giovanni Romaniello
Meneca tenor Simone de Farco
Colagnolo tenor
Assan bass
Schiava (slave girl) soprano Laura Monti


The young man Carlo abandons his old love Belluccia in favour of a new one, Ciomma. Disguised as a man, Belluccia pursues Carlo. She manages to make several local ladies, including Ciomma herself, fall in love with her. When Belluccia's father, the galley captain Federico, arrives, he threatens Carlo with death, but Belluccia takes pity on him and the couple are reconciled and married. At the end of the opera we see the newlyweds sail back to their old hometown on Federico's galley (hence the title).


Li zite 'ngalera Soloists, Cappella della Pietà de' Turchini, conducted by Antonio Florio (Opus 111, 1999) cuts to 2CD



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