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Pronunciation lee-a-
Gender female
Other names
Related names Lea, Leah, Leia, Lía

Lia is a feminine given name. In the Spanish-speaking world, it is accented Lía. In America, the name may be a variant of Leah or Lea. Lia may be a diminutive of various names including Cecilia, Amelia / Amelia, Cornelia, Ophelia, Rosalia / Roselia, Natalia, Aurelia, Adalia, / Adelia, Ailia, Apulia, Alia / Aleah. Lia is also a Greek name, meaning "bearer of good news". It is also a form of 'Leah', 'Lea', 'Lya' or 'Leia' in some Romance languages. It also means dependent in Hebrew, Italian, and Dutch.[citation needed]

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People with the surname Lia[edit]

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