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Lia is an Austrian software artist. Her work includes the early Net Art sites and In 2003 she co-curated the Abstraction Now exhibition (Internet Projects and Medialounge) at the Künstlerhaus Wien in Vienna, Austria.[1] In 2003 Lia received an Award of Distinction in the Net Vision/Net Excellence Category for[2]

In the 1990s and early 2000s, she and her collaborators at Turux employed software normally used for multimedia CD-ROMs and Web page enhancements, notably Macromedia Director, to create animated abstract images, which "demonstrates the raw visual horsepower of these tools when they’re not yoked to some mundane purpose."[3] Her early work has been highlighted in histories of computer and digital art,[4] particularly for its use of novel forms of interactivity.[5]

Lia subsequently developed and released interactive generative art pieces as iOS apps,[6] and has discussed the ways in which her construction of digital art has evolved with changes in screen resolution.[7] She has extensively used the programming language Processing,[8][9] which is designed for visual design and software art.

She is one of the founding members of Crónica, a "media-label" publishing and distribution project for electronic art and cultural artifacts.[10]


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