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Liam Kyle Sullivan
Liam Kyle Sullivan by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Sullivan as Kelly in June 2012
Born (1973-07-17) July 17, 1973 (age 45)
Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation Comedian, actor, director
Years active 1997–present

Liam Kyle Sullivan (born July 17, 1973) is an American comedian, actor, and director. Sullivan has made several guest appearances on television programs—including Gilmore Girls, 8 Simple Rules, and Alias—but is best known for his internet videos. He won a 2008 People's Choice Award in the user-generated video category for "Shoes".[1] He starred in the VH1 series I Hate My 30's. In May 2016, Sullivan made an appearance on the Fine Brothers' YouTube channel in a video called "YouTubers react to Shoes (Viral Video Classic)" and revealed that after quitting YouTube he has since gotten married and mentioned a daughter that had just turned three.


Characters portrayed by Sullivan[edit]

  • Kelly is a stereotypical teenage American girl. She doesn't care about much besides her mundane desires and has intense mood swings. She is also a musician, and it is implied that the family is aware of the music videos.[2]
  • Chris is Kelly's twin brother. He is an athlete who has joined the abstinence program,[3] and has a well-known sibling rivalry with Kelly. Their parents prefer him to Kelly.
  • Mother Grandma is an affectionate, anxious old lady who is fond of whiskey and tries to share it with everyone because she believes it "makes you feel better". She appears to be tipsy most of the time and is known to make non-sequitur comments. There is a bit of tension between her and the parents, and the two utter negative remarks about each other under their breaths. She has her own set of spin-off videos.
  • Bill[4] is Kelly's father. Strict and often stern-faced, he doesn't say much, but likes to stay in charge of the family and set the rules, and is a strong believer in "fiscal responsibility".
  • Aunt Susan Walker is a lesbian musician. She likes to stay positive and is involved with a woman named María. She is involved with an organic vegan girl-on-girl sandwich tour. She also has her own set of spin-off videos.
  • Bob Tulap is a foul-mouthed radio announcer with a strong liking for whiskey but a hatred for his producer, Doug. "Bob Tulap hates everyone and everything, including his sponsors."

Kelly, Susan Walker and other characters[edit]

Liam Kyle Sullivan (7485338474).jpg
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Electroclash, electronic rock, rap rock, rapcore, comedy rap
Years active 2006–2012
Labels TuneCore
Members Liam Kyle Sullivan
Susan Walker
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Country
Years active 2007–2010
Members Liam Kyle Sullivan

Kelly, a cross-dressed Sullivan, has released an album entitled Shoes[5] digitally through TuneCore, which consists of tracks recorded by herself, her ex-boyfriend, and her mom. "Shoes" is also the name of Kelly's biggest hit, which won a People's Choice Award for best user-generated video. Her music videos have featured guest stars such as Margaret Cho, Amanda Palmer, Dave Navarro, Lisa Nova, and the Ask a Ninja.

Another of Sullivan's characters, Susan Walker, who is Kelly's aunt, has also released an album of music, Susan Walker's Greatest Tits.[6] The album largely consists of country music songs with explicit sexual themes, such as "Two Way Dildo" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me". The songs, however, are sung in a light-hearted, almost loving manner. Two videos have been made of songs from the album; these are "I Like to Tinker" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me". However, these songs and videos have not received the acclaim nor the large number of views that Kelly's videos have.

The other videos listed below, "Dr. Ulee Sex Therapist", "Muffins", and "Love Letters", are all separate individual skits by Sullivan.



  • Shoes (2006)
  • Susan Walker's Greatest Tits (2009)

Music videos[edit]

Sullivan has uploaded and deleted the music videos several times, so it is somewhat unclear what year and further, (although not shown here) what month they were released in, which also confuses the order and the number of views they have received. Other YouTube users have also uploaded the videos and received, in some cases, millions of views of the videos as well.

Year Title Notes
2006 "Shoes" Has received over 60 million views on YouTube to date.
"Txt Msg Brkup" First appearance of Kelly's boyfriend.
2007 "Let Me Borrow That Top" First appearance of Aunt Susan.
2008 "No Booty Calls" 'Sequel' to "Txt Msg Brkup".
"Where Do You Think You're Going in That?" Skit by Kelly's Mom.
2009 "What R U Guys Talking About?" Also released under the title "Kelly: The Prequel".
"I Like to Tinker" First Aunt Susan video released.
"Shut Up and F*ck Me" Second Aunt Susan video released.

Other videos[edit]

  • "Love Letters" (2006)
  • "Muffins" (2006)
  • "Dr. Ulee Sex Therapist" (2009; Counterpart to the single "Dr. Ulee's Erotic Stories" read by Shang Tze Tung, released earlier in 2008.[7])

Other appearances[edit]

  • In 1997, Sullivan briefly appeared in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode entitled "Reptile Boy" as a cross-dressing fraternity pledge.
  • In 2000, portrayed the male lead "Brant" in the horror film "The Convent." [8]
  • In 2004, he appeared in the 8 Simple Rules episodes "Mall in the Family" and "Finale Part Un" as Zack.
  • In 2005, he appeared in the 8 Simple Rules episode "Freaky Friday" as Dorkie Dwaine McDoogle.
  • In 2007, Sullivan appeared as Kelly in The Dresden Dolls' music video for "Shores of California".
  • He also appeared as Kelly in the VH1 series I Hate My 30's, performing "Forget It, Just Get It!"
  • In 2008, Sullivan appeared as Kelly in the Weezer music video for "Pork and Beans", which also featured many other internet stars.
  • He appeared at the LOGO Network's NewNowNext Awards in 2008 portraying Kelly.
  • He opened for Margaret Cho's "Beautiful" Tour throughout 2008, playing Kelly and several of his other characters.[9]
  • In 2010, his song, "My Romantic Pattern" was featured in the season 1 episode "One Cold Swim Away" of the comedy drama Gravity.
  • In 2016, he made an appearance on the Fine Brothers' YouTube channel in a video called "YouTubers react to Shoes (Viral Video Classic)".


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