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Liam Sternberg (born c. 1949 in Akron, Ohio)[1] is an American songwriter and producer best known for writing the Bangles hit "Walk Like an Egyptian".[2] Sternberg first got noticed as part of the late 1970s "Akron scene" which launched Devo and The Waitresses. A member of the band Jane Aire and the Belvederes, Sternberg produced an Akron compilation album for Stiff Records which garnered the attention of rock critic Robert Christgau and brought national attention to the scene. Following this, he has worked for performers and groups including Kirsty MacColl, Rachel Sweet, Ratt, Fuzzbox, Riff Regan, Baby Tuckoo, The Edge (the band, not the U2 guitarist), San Diego's Puppies, and Multi-Story as well as Audiobop with Goff Macaraeg. As a songwriter, Liam is also noted for being the composer of the theme for the hit television program 21 Jump Street.


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